Telegram Web: how it works

One of the greatest peculiarities of Telegram is undoubtedly its being “multiplatform”. In addition to all the various applications available for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, there is in fact the Web version, fully accessible and usable through any browser . Today we will therefore go to see how to use it and what are the differences compared to the counterpart app.

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  1. What is Telegram Web
  2. How to access Telegram Web
  3. The differences between Telegram Web and the app

What is Telegram Web

As mentioned above, Telegram Web is basically another way to take advantage of one of the most used instant messaging platforms in the world. However, although it is still easily manageable in everyday life, it also turns out to be a bit too simplified compared to the functions that we find on the applications for smartphones, computers and tablets.

In any case, in order to use the aforementioned service, all you need to do is have a web browser and an internet connection. What’s more, you won’t need to log in via a desktop device, as everything will work seamlessly from a mobile site as well .

However, we specify that this is not a web version like the one developed by WhatsApp. Telegram Web will have its own life and therefore it will not be necessary to connect (and keep connected) the main smartphone .

How to access Telegram Web

The methods of accessing Telegram Web are the classic ones that all users are used to. The only factor to consider will be the referring website to visit.

  • Visit the Telegram Web site through any browser (including mobile)
  • Enter your telephone number in the appropriate field and click on “Next”
  • Enter the code that Telegram itself will send on another open instance of Telegram (after a few minutes it will still be possible to request the same code via SMS) in the appropriate field
  • Click on “Verify” to complete the login

From now on, access will remain enabled until a cleanup of the browser’s history and cache is performed.

The differences between Telegram Web and the app

Let’s continue the discussion on the differences with the complete application, because, obviously, since it is a more simplified version, it will not be possible to use some more advanced options. First of all, you will not be able to create an account , but only to log in to one already activated.

Furthermore, it will be impossible to use voice and video calls and activate secret chats to protect your conversations. It will be more difficult to send GIFs, while for emojis and stickers there will be no problems. Voice messages and the ability to use bots remain, but unfortunately it will not be possible to create channels.

On the other hand, every single message can be answered, modified, forwarded and deleted , but there will be no possibility of highlighting it and then fixing it at the top of the chat to make it always available. On the other hand, there are no limits regarding the sending of voice messages, photos and videos and even files recovered from the computer or smartphone used.


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