Taurus Air Fry Review

The Air Fry have revolutionized the kitchens of the homes during this year, suddenly all the feeds of social networks (especially Instagram) were filled with recipes, if not the healthiest thing in the world, they were fast. We decided to give the Taurus Digital Air Fry a try and it has shown us that, on many occasions, you can do without the oven and the pan and nothing happens and it is even better.

The cooking system of the Air Fry, and also of the Taurus Digital Air Fry, consists of the circulation of hot air that allows cooking with the minimum amount of oil. Beyond the fact that the nutritional contribution of a dish has much more to do with the main ingredient itself, than with the amount of oil that we add to it, it is true that the Taurus Digital Air Fry will allow us to save on oil, time and electricity. Since only with it we can cook complete dishes such as roast chicken or even a cake.

Taking apart the Taurus Digital Air Fry

The Taurus digital Air Fry is quite spacious, an aspect to consider if we do not have much space in the kitchen. The dimensions are 36×27.5×33 cm and the capacity of the saucepan is 3.5 liters where up to 800 grams of potatoes fit.

It is completely black and is only available in this color, it is made of rigid plastic and with a metal inner chassis. From the front part comes the handle with which we will take out the saucepan in which it is cooked. Being so large allows us to manipulate it easily. Just above the handle we find the digital panel, one of the main advantages of this appliance that will allow us, in a very simple way, to choose the type of cooking desired. In this panel we will see drawings of two packages of chips, chicken wings, a steak, a fish, a cake and some mushrooms. Below we will see a panel to modify the time or temperature, which will be done with the up and down buttons. Finally the on and off button, the start cooking button and the options button.

Cooking with the Taurus Digital Air Fry

Technology applied to the field of cooking has greatly facilitated the lives of different people, especially those who, due to lack of time or interest, cannot dedicate the work that a tasty and healthy meal often requires. This is what this Taurus fryer model achieves, thanks to its digital touch screen and its integrated cooking guide. Even so, if we don’t want to follow the guide and we want to customize the recipe to our liking, we can modify the timer from 0 to 60 minutes and the temperature from 80 to 200 degrees. In addition, the manual includes a cookbook with the most popular recipes, to make it even easier.

The buttons that we have listed in the previous section are equivalent to the type of food that can be cooked in the Air Fry Digital, once chosen, as we have mentioned, the fryer will offer us a temperature and a cooking time, which we can edit if we see it convenient.

To start cooking we simply have to put the ingredients in the saucepan, press the button for the type of ingredient, modify or not the temperature and time and press the play button. When the program has finished, a beep will sound to notify us and we do not have to worry about the temperature when taking out the saucepan since the handle has “cold touch” technology to avoid accidents. In fact, until the basket is correctly positioned, the fryer will not start.

With the Taurus Digital Air Fry we have cooked chicken, steaks, potatoes, vegetables… and we have been greatly surprised by its appearance and the juiciness it gives to food.


After having tried it, we fully understand the furor that this appliance has caused in all kitchens. Specifically, the Taurus Digital Air Fry combines usability and speed. If we need to cook quickly and effectively, either due to lack of time, excess diners or use of resources, the Air Fry Digital “solves the ballot” by far.

Also at a very competitive price, since we can buy it at the Mycook store for €129.99 , with a 12% discount.

Final assessment



Easy to use
Stored recipes
Safe to use
Dishwasher safe


Big size


Easy to use. Get fast and great tasting meals. It can also be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Design and build quality9


Easy to use10

Price quality9.5


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