How to take the holidays to organize your studies

Let the student throw the first stone who never planned to study during the holiday period, but in the end ended up not picking up any books, is that right? It is very common to make huge plans to advance studies and it is even easier to not meet even half of the initial goals.

To avoid this problem, we will present in today’s article some tips so that you can advance content during the school or college recess. Are you curious? So, keep following.

Do not procrastinate 

We know how addictive this is. At first, you leave the activities for later until you find yourself in a snowball and do not have time to start your studies. Therefore, our first tip is not to postpone things, that is, get your hands dirty as soon as possible.

Make a schedule with goals

The most common when we want to start studying is to make a study schedule that ends up not being used or started. The reason is that we forget the discipline, something that is extremely important for us to continue studying.

Therefore, the important thing here is to define activities to be delivered. Example: exercise sheet delivered by the 12th. And setting goals to be met with deadlines like this.

Don’t overdo the goals 

When we are talking about studies, it is useless to want to put in a routine with 12 hours of daily activities. We have to be realistic and analyze our level of concentration. It is much more valid to stipulate 3 hours completed than 12 hours even started. Therefore, be aware of your own limitations, not least because knowledge is built gradually.

Invest in study platforms 

Studying can become an increasingly difficult task when you don’t have a group or people to encourage you. To resolve this, look for study groups on social networks, so you have contact with other students who have the same goals as yours. Just be careful not to disperse and the group will end up going in another direction!

Don’t give up or delay your schedule 

Whether because of a party or even more hours of sleep, do not disrespect the time you set aside to study. Every time you postpone your schedule to do anything else, your productivity decreases and your brain gets used to not giving so much importance to the schedule that would be allocated to studies.

Take time to rest! 

During your study planning, it is very important to have at least a day or two of rest so that the routine is not too exhausting. When we study tired, the yield is much lower, as we do not absorb the content well. Thus, we end up wasting learning time.

Therefore, to maintain motivation, rest is extremely important. Only in this way can we continue to be reinvigorated towards a new learning goal.

Don’t overcharge 

A tricky part of studying on your own is that we sometimes have difficulties in some areas, and that is perfectly normal. So, avoid torturing yourself when you realize that you are having difficulty with content. In such cases, the ideal is to review the material in another way, research alternative sources and reread the concepts.

Do not force yourself to learn when you notice that the difficulty is real, it will only hinder  your self-esteem and may leave you blocked for new knowledge.

Don’t forget to eat well and exercise 

Good health depends on these two pillars and, the better your physical health is, the more easily you will learn the contents and maintain good productivity. So, dropping care of yourself cannot be an option.

Book times to eat, do some stretching and practice activities that are pleasurable like singing, playing a musical instrument or even playing with friends.

So, what did you think of today’s tips? Put them into practice and make the most of your free time on vacation to catch up on your studies.


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