3 habits that a distance learning student should avoid

Who knew that one day we could graduate from a good university or take that course we dreamed of without leaving home, right? And this is possible thanks to EAD !

But even with so many benefits, distance learning, as in any other course, has its difficulties. So you need to avoid some very common mistakes that can hinder your performance.

Thinking about it, in today’s post we will talk about those habits that distance learning students should avoid!

  1. Get distracted by other activities

One of the biggest challenges for those studying distance learning is to avoid distractions. After all, it is not easy to stay away from social networks, favorite movies and series, video games and other temptations that we have when we are at home. In addition, there is also a danger of being interrupted by family members.

So, to prevent you from being distracted by the above, plan your time well and dedicate yourself only to studies in the separate hours for that.

Regarding your family members, explain the situation – that you need to study – and ask them to try not to interrupt your study schedule, as you should pay attention exclusively to your learning.

  1. Being shy when communicating online

As we said in the post about “How to create a network of contacts in an ODL course?”, It is a mistake to believe that distance learning is a solitary study method.

All courses have tutors and other classmates, so it is very important to communicate on the platform. So, whenever possible, join the forums, read your colleagues’ questions and comments. Also, share your doubts and always ask!

If you did not understand something of the content, do not keep your doubts, this is the time to learn, so do not be ashamed to ask.

  1. Postpone tasks

If you are the type of student who leaves everything to the last minute and likes to postpone tasks, know that this is a habit that you should avoid now!

Whenever possible, start your activities as soon as possible and have the time in your favor. The more you organize yourself, the better the end result will be, in addition to avoiding the risk of failing to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances.

So, what did you think of today’s post? Do you know any habits that should be avoided? Then comments below!


by Abdullah Sam
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