Swiss Ball Exercise;9 Real Benefits You Must Know

The use of  fitball in fitness is very positive, especially for the spine.Exercising the body today is a practice that has the possibility of being realized in many ways. One of this exerciser is called fitball,which allows, among other things, to improve posture and solve problems of the back, lumbar and cervical area.

Benefits of Swiss ball Exercise

Training with a fitball has various physical benefits, from a gentle stretching to an intense exercise of strength for young and old.

These benefits are:

  • Health of the back, strengthens the structures directly responsible for the health of the spine and prevents injuries.
  • Improved posture, the act of seeking a balance helps to know and improve our position and our strength.
  • Central stability , basically, this means that they work and therefore strengthen the deeper abdominal muscles and those of the spine, which act as a splint around the spine.
  • Muscle balance, “reverses muscle imbalances that can cause back injuries and postural problems.
  • Mobility and flexibility, to relax, release and rejuvenate the entire body.
  • It is a very complete technique that works for all parts of the body.
  • It helps to quickly improve balance and also coordination.
  • Ideal to relieve back problems such as: lumbar or cervical.
  • It is very fun and dynamic so working on this material will be very enjoyable.

Exercises with fitball

When it comes to sports with fitball , it is important to take into account the need to start the session with a warm-up and finish with the corresponding stretches . Among the list of exercises you can do with this ball, we highlight:

For the waist

Sit on the fitball with your legs together and at a right angle . Place your back straight and your arms one above the other at shoulder level. Make rotations to right and left.


Do sit-ups on your back on the ball and place your hands on the back of your neck. Lift the torso up helping you with the contraction of the abdominal muscles. Do repetitions of 16 sit-ups with 10-second breaks between series and series.

You can also do oblique crunches with the fitball . To do this, you only have to take the same position before and bring the knee to the opposite elbow, avoiding at all times to move the ball.


It is worthwhile to follow a series of recommendations or precautions when using the ball:

  • Make sure that the fitball has the right amount of air, otherwise our position to sit or lie down will not be appropriate.
  • When it comes to keeping the fitball we must be aware that it could be damaged if we approach it to a source of intense heat.
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