Summer tomato cultivation in the roof garden

Who does not love to eat salad! Tomatoes are an essential vegetable in making salads. The tomato salad makes it attractive to look at and also enhances the taste and nutritional value of the salad. Tomatoes can be made from sauce, soup, curry. Tomatoes contain Amish, Calcium, Vitamin A, C, Keratin, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus and Riboflavin. Each 1 gram of tomato contains 25 mg of vitamin C. Tomatoes play an important role in beauty practice. Helps to relieve the sun’s burning sensation. There is a natural bleaching factor in tomatoes. We all know tomatoes as winter vegetables. Interestingly, tomatoes can be grown even in the summer. Summer tomatoes can easily be grown on the roof of your home.

To cultivate summer tomatoes one has to choose varieties of perennial tomatoes. Bari Tomato – 1 (Chai) is a perennial tomato variety. Learn the cultivation method of cherry tomatoes .

The method of cultivation

Tomatoes can be grown in tubs or in drums or in small containers or small plastic packets.

Tomatoes can be cultivated in two ways

  • By placing the tomato seedlings in a tub or drum or in small containers or small plastic packets. Nor
  • By placing the seeds of tomatoes on the wet ground.

If you want to do with tomato seedlings

Place the saplings on the prepared soil. A maximum of one sapling can be planted in a container.

Water cannot be stored at the base of the sapling. The saplings should be fastened with hardwood.

If you want to do with the seeds

Buy good varieties of seeds. Soak the soil in the tub with some water. Sprinkle the seeds. When the seedlings begin to grow after germination, enter a large amount of sunlight into the tree, and place a tub or drum or small container or small plastic packet containing the seedlings. Adequate water should be given to the trees. The plants should be kept under the sun for at least 5/4 hours. Eat tomatoes, stay healthy .

In preparation of the soil

Sandy loops are the highest yields in the soil. That is why fertile sandy loops need to be selected for soil cultivation. First take 5 percent soil and mix one part of cow dung and TSP fertilizer. It should be kept for 3-5 days. One teaspoon of TSP fertilizer should be given. The soil needs to be loosened after a few days. Once the flowering begins, the mustard molasses should be diluted with diluted water and applied to the tree after 3-12 days. Dry leaves or vegetables can be used as fertilizer to maintain proper humidity in the soil.

Suppressing insects and pathogens

If the leaves of a tomato plant are infected by a virus, the leaves will shrink. The disease also spreads to healthy trees. Since there is no anti-viral drug, it must be destroyed if the infected tree is found.

Tips for getting better yields

১. Fill in the tub or drum, or in small containers or small plastic packets with all the soil.

  1. Keep the tree in adequate sunlight.
  2. Regular tree water should be given.

Tomato is a very useful vegetable. So, planting summer tomatoes on the roof of your home will allow you to enjoy the taste of tomatoes in the summer, in addition to winter.


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