Care for domestic plants

Indoor plants or indoor plants that help give your home a different and interesting look. At the same time, this indoor plant purifies the air in your home and helps to release toxic gas. Besides, there are some indoor plants which also act as anti-oxidants. Some of the trees that we can keep in the house include some types of foliage, money plants, aloe vera , cactus, stone pellets, desert roses, bot bonsai, desira, KB Rose. By applying favorable environment, moderate water, minimal nutrients and a little extra care you can keep your indoor plant alive and vibrant. So here are some of the key tips for indoor plants, along with some of the most important tips on caring for care.

Keep the soil in the tub moist, but not wet

If the soil in your tub is too dry or too wet, it is detrimental to the root of the tree. Many times the root of a tree can be killed to give too much water or less water. So be careful when giving water in the tub. Two times a day is usually the case for almost all trees, once in the morning and once in the afternoon when the sun is low. However, water should be given to understand the amount. At the time of purchase, know how much water to give to any tree. Tips – * If any mold or fungus is grown on the soil then water should be provided. * Water should be provided if cracks appear on the ground or if the color of the soil is light. * The plants of the succulent family do not need watering. However, care must be taken not to dry the soil.

Checking the soil with a finger

Push the soil of the tub with a finger and check whether the soil is moist or dry. If it feels damp on the ground, it is important not to give water and if it feels dry. However, the amount is not to be taken care of.

Selection of water drainage vessel

In the case of indoor plants, hollows or porous pots are suitable for extra drainage so that they can be drained easily.

Soil selection

Sandy soil is useful for gardening. But for those of us who live in the city and want to do roof gardening, we want light weight, nutritious and well drained soil. Potting mix is ​​a very popular medium for those who plant trees in roof gardens or courtyards. Because it contains nutrients in the soil besides perlite which helps in drainage. In addition, those who do not use potting mixes can use glass pieces, bricks or small gravel stones with fertilizer as needed with the garden soil.

Tips – After 3 to 5 days, turn the soil of the tub upside down, so that the harmful gas below the soil of the tree will be released. However, the task must be done very carefully. So that there is no damage to the root of the tree.

Choosing the right place for setting up an indoor plant

Establishing indoor plants in a suitable place is very important. It is important to keep in mind that the plants in your home can have a favorable environment for them to grow safely. Therefore, near very hot objects, it is best not to place a plant near the AC (because it will dry up quickly) on the TV or in the middle of the screen.

The right amount of light

Sunlight is an essential ingredient for all plants. As a rule, the tree should be sunburned 3 or 2 times a week. The sweetest sunshine is most beneficial in the morning. It is not necessary to give sunshine evenly to all trees. Therefore, the tree that needs the most sunshine should be placed near the south side window as the south facing window of the house brings more light. And the east and west oriented windows have relatively moderate and relatively little sunshine on the north side. Therefore, it is important to select the space near the windows as per the lighting requirement of the tree.

Never change the location of a tree directly

Any tree that needs to be moved from one place to another should not be straightened out. If you want to keep a tree from a shady place in a sunny place, leave the tree for an hour on the first day to adapt to that environment. Later, the tree should be accustomed to tolerate the new environment.

Increasing the humidity of the room

Dry air is good for some plants (such as Phanimosa, Elvira). But for all the plants, dry air is in dire shape. So, to increase the humidity in the room, by buying a humidifier can create an environment of cold humidity.

Tips – However, it is possible to increase the humidity of a low-income room. For example, first you need to take some gravel in a tray and place it on the indoor plant with a tub. After that, pour the water into the tray and fill it. It is possible to increase the humidity.

Know the nature of the tree

To get the right care for your indoor plant, you must first get to know the nature of the plant. In fact, all plants need water, sunlight, fertilizers or pesticides for growth, but they are of different magnitude for each plant. And so it is important to know firsthand what material to supply for a tree. Standard Fertilizer Application Indoor plant growth requires proper fertilizer application. Knowing the amount of fertilizer required for a tree is important to apply regularly. However, the demand for fertilizer is generally high for almost all indoor plants in January to September.

Tips – usually potassium fertilizer for flowering trees, trees, trees for the nitrogen fertilizer needed for members of the special sakulenta patim Mix . Always clean the leaves: Dust sanding on the leaves of the tree not only damages its beauty but also causes harm to the tree. And so once a month or a few times a year, soak a soft cloth or cotton and clean the leaves of the tree.

Tips – * You can use some neem oil or anti-infused soap when cleaning the leaves.

** Those who keep the rubber plant at home will soak the leaves by soaking the cotton in milk and shining the leaves.

Changes in the tub of the tree

Many of us use decorative pots to keep indoor plants. But whenever you see that your tub tree has grown or reached the original drainage hole, remove the new tub plant. After watering, be sure to drain excess water.

Tips – * Use a tray of soil under the tub, so that the house doesn’t get dirty in the water.

** Or with a piece of foam or sponge on the bottom of the tub when changing the pot, it will hold a small amount of water, which is good for tubing.

Keep the insect suppressed

There are some steps that must be taken before invading an insect on a tree. And since it is absolutely indoors you must have an environmentally friendly system. In this case you can choose any type of neem oil, anti-infused soap, fly light, sticky board, sex pheromone trap, etc.

Tips – To reduce any infection in the plant, soak the neem leaves in hot water once a month, soak the water and pour it into the plant.

Pruning by the rules

Many times the stems, flowers and roots of an indoor plant die. In time, those dead stems must be cut off. The tree will then be able to produce more flowers and fruits.

Tips – * Pruning should be done at a 3 ° angle when pruning the tree.

** Do not make the indoor plant too large, the house will look dark. For this reason, trim the excess leaves.

*** Do not leave the rotten leaves or flowers near the plant without hurrying.


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