What Is a Successful and Managing Financial Mindset?

The mindset or mindset is the framework of thought that shapes the way our minds view and assess something. Good or bad speech, actions and behavior are usually influenced by mindset or mindset. So, what is the mindset of successful people? The mindset of a successful person is a set of beliefs or beliefs and also ways of thinking that can influence the behavior, attitudes or actions of individuals in everyday life which of everything that is thought and done will bring someone to the level of success in his life. In short, the mindset of a successful person is a belief that forms a mindset with firm beliefs and a deep understanding of what must be done to be able to achieve the desired success.


The mindset of successful people not only helps individuals to think and act, but all their thoughts and actions are already directed to climb the ladder of success that has been previously planned. Directing the right mindset or mindset will bring the individual (or owner) to the right path or the right path to success. The right mindset or right mindset will shape a person in becoming an individual who knows the purpose of their lives clearly and directed.


Then, what is “Manage Finances”? Managing finance is a process related to personal financial activities on how to manage assets, personal income and manage spending for a predetermined amount of time.


5 Mindset of Successful People in Managing Finance

If Career Advice colleagues want to become someone who is successful in their careers , first and foremost, we must control our MIND PATTERN very well, especially the mindset or mindset related to “money”. Why money? Because one of our goals in working and achieving success is sure to get the amount of money we want. Believe it or not, money is one of the strongest factors for someone to achieve success.


Well in this article, we will discuss the mindset of successful people in managing finances. Especially about how they consider money, is money something to spend or something to save? This article will discuss the 5 mindsets of successful people in managing finances, which mindset or mindset has succeeded in bringing them to be successful in their careers.


According to the Classy Career Girl dot com website, there are 5 successful people’s mindsets that we have to model and apply in managing finances. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Think that “I am an Entrepreneur”

The mindset of successful people that we need to have the first is to assume that we are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur . Even though it isn’t, it doesn’t matter. But, mindset or mindset like this is very important for us to have. Let’s play wishing but really like doing it.


So that we can achieve a successful career, our view of ourselves as an entrepreneur, entrepreneur or entrepreneur. For example, a fellow reader sees yourself as a CEO of a company with one employee. One such employee is YOURSELF. As a CEO, we need to be responsible for the lives of our employees, namely ourselves. Starting from spending money and earning money from these employees we must bear, guarantee and arrange as well as possible.


When we become CEOs for our own careers, we automatically will not become someone who is dependent on others. We will always try to work hard to pursue the success we want. That way, we will be very careful in spending personal money, because we will assume it is my company’s money now. I am the CEO of a company that should not be careless in spending money, especially for things that are not important.


2. Think that “I Deserve My Salary of Dreams”.

The second mindset of successful people who should not be underestimated is to believe and believe that we all deserve the salary we want. Just mention it in our hearts and minds, how much is it? 5 million? 10 million? 25 million? Or even 50 million per month? If that is felt to be still small, maybe we can think that 100 million per month is the dream salary that I WILL get.


Make the sky the limit, no one can forbid our dreams and mindset in this matter because the mindset of successful people does not ever want the small things.


After setting the nominal salary of our dreams, now we must find out more about what distinguishes us from the people who receive our dream salary. Let’s say my dream salary is 60 million per month. I began to find out what made my relatives have a similar salary every month. It turns out he is an employee by owning two businesses. One Warteg business, another online business. Now I know what he is doing to get income like that.


Now, a good way to manage finances for myself is to save money, invest more and save more to raise capital and build two businesses like my relatives.


3. Think that “I really love giving to others, I care about people who are less fortunate”.

Who says that if you get rich, you forget your neighbor? NO! instead those who are truly successful are those who are rich, successful, but do not forget to keep giving to others. People who are successful, wealthy and generous to others are very amazing people.


The mindset of successful people will indeed teach us to be wise in managing finances, but that does not mean we have to be stingy in sharing with others. Try to always set aside 2.5% of the income we have for people who are less fortunate (who really need it). Give without expecting anything in return from them. Believe that by giving, our success will be even closer.


4. Think that “Debt is the Biggest Enemy of My Life”

The mindset of the fourth successful person is Anti-Debt. They are people who are anti-indebted, especially if you have to force yourself into debt just for the sake of buying things that are not important. No way! They will never do such a thing in life.


Successful people will manage their finances by paying off the debts they have now. The goal is that the existing debts do not have any control over their careers. Without debt, the income they get is purely a net income that they can use to invest, save, and so forth. Income that comes not to dig holes-close holes or to pay existing debt bills. Yep! for successful people, no debt equals financial happiness.


5. Think that “All Things Can Be Negotiated”.

The fifth mindset of successful people is to believe and believe that everything in this world can DEFINITELY be negotiated. Successful people will never consider themselves inferior or not qualified. They know how their strengths deserve to get the things they want more. Do not be afraid to negotiate, whether it is in terms of salary increases, promotions, submitting business proposals or just asking for discounts on our boutique clothes boutique. We must always try to negotiate because we will never know what we will get from the results of these negotiations.


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