Responsibility is something that is natural. Every human being is born with the responsibility borne by himself from childhood. For example, responsibility for managing one’s own life. Responsibility is an obligation which must be fulfilled and carried out by the person who bears the responsibility.


Responsibility becomes a very important part in the lives of every human being, both in daily life and also in professional life that is at work. If someone does not want to carry out their responsibilities, then there will be another person, another party or other group that forces the individual to fulfill their responsibilities.


5 Ways to Give More Responsibility to the Workplace

So, what if someone has done all of his responsibilities, but (still wants) to give more responsibility in his workplace ? Is that a good thing? Yep! of course, because there are rarely people who want to take more responsibility than what they have now.


Giving more responsibility at work also encourages us to take many opportunities that can be explored and of course very good for our personal development. So how can you give more responsibilities at work?


According to the website of themuse dot com, there are 5 ways we can all do more responsibility so that we can have a brighter career at work . Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. Be Proactive.

The first way to give more responsibility is to be proactive at work. However, we need to ensure that our main responsibilities, namely the work tasks that really need to be done, are all well resolved. If the main task is safe, then we can move to the next action, which is to be proactive.


Often we cannot wait for others to give us permission to do something. For example, the printer machine that our co-workers use, but it hasn’t been turned off yet. Maybe he forgot, but do we have to ask our coworkers “Hey, can I turn off the printer?” Just do it right away, turn off the printer machine if indeed the regulations at work we have to turn off the printer machine after it is used.


Turning off the printer is indeed a very trivial action, but when we take over it, it is the same as giving more responsibilities at the office.


2. Note the Faces of Our Co-Workers, Are There People Who Are Busy and Stressed?

Again, if all our main tasks have been completed properly and we still want to give more by taking on more responsibilities, then we can use this second method. In this second way, we can help our co-workers who are busy with their work tasks, to the point that they feel stressed.


Now, if a fellow reader sees one or two coworkers who are experiencing this condition, this is an opportunity for colleagues to offer help. Oops! But make sure that the assistance offered is still in the form of work that you can and can do. Do not just because they want to help the work of other colleagues, we actually do real work assignments … we do not understand what to do.


Wow! If it’s like this, it’s dangerous, what we have is not helping their work. Instead it expands our responsibilities for making mistakes at the work of our colleagues. In this case, we can help them to get the light work done. For example, helping them to copy a document, type something, and other work that we can still do.


3. Become an Expert or Expert in the Team.

The third way we can do is to become an expert in the team. So, when there is a problem, challenge or obstacle in the team, a fellow reader can be present as someone who offers a solution with all the references, information and insights that are very useful for the problem.


To be able to become an expert, we can update our insights continuously by following trends or developments in our field. Being an expert also contributes to our company and team. We might become a person who is very much needed in managing new projects in the future.


How to become an expert on the team can also be done by providing articles relevant to our team’s work, sending team members a brief summary of important information, and so on. Isn’t it amazing when we have someone skilled in the team? If we can do that, this indicates that we have given more responsibilities at work.


4. Participate in Other Exciting Matters.

If at work or company colleagues have extracurricular activities or contests such as the August 17 race which may soon be held in your office. Now, this is a good opportunity for fellow readers to give more responsibility.


Fellow readers can nominate themselves as volunteers or volunteers to become a competition committee, join extracurricular activities, or be a committee for other office events. Eits! But make sure that our main task is not neglected, colleagues.


5. Try to discuss with the boss about this.

If the four ways above have been done, but fellow readers still need other ways to be able to give more responsibility. In this case we encourage fellow readers to discuss with your boss or boss.


Convey that fellow readers have successfully completed all the main tasks given every day, but fellow readers still feel less contributing to the company. Thus, fellow readers offered to be able to give more responsibility. Discuss this with our boss and ask for a solution from him. Who knows our boss can provide additional work or responsibility that makes us feel more contribute to the company.


by Abdullah Sam
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