Happiness or happiness is a feeling within an individual that can have a positive impact in all aspects of life and can lead individuals to a better life. For example, happiness will increase one’s productivity , happiness will build a good relationship with someone, happiness will improve one’s health , happiness will bring someone to success, and so forth.


Happiness or happiness can also be interpreted as a state of mind or feeling possessed by someone with a high level of satisfaction and feeling fulfilled with pleasure, love, enjoyment or other things that can make them more excited and excited.


We might have often talked about happiness or happiness in everyday life. However, as a person who is always in the office from Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, focusing on work and deadlines chasing each other every day, not to mention scolding from bosses or customers who are not satisfied with the product, whether we can still think about how to create happiness in the work environment ? Hmm, let’s find out the answer from this article.


The Relationship between Employee Happiness and Success in the Work Environment

Maybe we will wonder, “Is there a close relationship between employee happiness and success in the work environment?” In fact, there have been many studies conducted to find relationships between employees who are happy with the success of the projects they are working on. The results of the study show that many companies feel a significant benefit from a work environment consisting of happy employees.


How do they know that employees who work in the work environment are happy? This can be seen from their smiling behavior to customers, coworkers or even their bosses. In addition, they very rarely complain and do not delay the completion of their work.


Business success metrics that are often used such as productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, absenteeism, and job safety have all increased. This shows that having happy employees will have a positive impact on work outcomes and the work environment itself. If it’s like this, the company (the work environment) will get the benefits, but every individual will also get the benefits. Who would not like it if you get happiness in the work environment?


According to the Katie Roberts dot com website, there are several important ways we can apply to create happiness in the work environment, namely as follows:


7 Ways to Create Happiness in the Work Environment


1. Avoid things that do not provide any benefit.

Everything that incidentally is not good or does not provide benefits, we must avoid in life. How can we be happy if we are still trapped by such harmful things? Instead of taking sides with things that are not good, we better get closer to everything that makes us smile and happy. For example, yesterday I felt very frustrated by what the client said that was enough to hurt me. However, I think that sadness must not ruin my happiness that day.


What am I doing? I try to call my best clients and ask for their feedback on our products. During breaks, I try to eat my favorite foods, chat with coworkers, laugh and leave bad things that I don’t like. I focus on what I like and leave things that are less profitable.


2. Always Do the Things We Love Every Day.

Don’t waste our lives that are too valuable to do the things we hate. If we want to get happiness at work, then we must avoid things we don’t like. This does not mean we have to stay in the comfort zone or not dare to learn new things. Trying new things is possible, even very good for our development. However, that does not mean every day we do things that we like. Trying something new doesn’t have to be done all the time, right?


Try to identify what aspects of the work we like, what skills and interests that really inspire us. In addition, try to think of the best ways about how we can become better at what we do now. To support this, we can ask for feedback or feedback from the people closest to us, so we can provide improvements in doing the things we like.


Very exciting right? We can do things we like and at the same time we can develop ourselves to be better.


3. Frequently Ask for Feedback or Feedback from People Nearby.

The third way to create happiness in the work environment is by diligently asking for feedback from the people closest to us at work. We can ask for it from coworkers, superiors (bosses) or even with clients who are already very close to us. When we are accustomed to asking for feedback from others, we will become individuals who are not easily upset (too sensitive) when they get bad feedback.


Why? Because we have familiarized ourselves with feedback from other people. In addition, we will also be increasingly aware that the feedback given by people around us is a form of their affection for us. That way, we will continue to think positively and happiness will remain with us.


4. Not Tired to Continue Learning and Developing.

To always feel happy and spread happiness in the work environment, we need to get used to not getting tired of studying and developing ourselves at work. Let us think about it, when we like learning and developing for the better, then every day there will be interesting things for us to learn. In fact, we will never feel under pressure when we like learning and developing.


When our leaders give a new project that is very challenging, we will not feel stressed to do it, but rather, we will feel very excited and motivated to work on the new project, because there will be many things we can learn in it.


5. Always Try to Be Organized.

One of the main causes that often make employees not get happiness in the office is the deadline that feels getting closer, but the work has not been completed as a whole or deadlines that have passed but we have not submitted any work results. Well, who is trying not to be stressed and overwhelmed when it’s like that.


To get happiness in the work environment, we need to train ourselves to be organized. Get used to coming early in the morning to cool off and cheer up our day at the office. By coming early, we will not be in a hurry at work, we can also see the schedule and prioritize any work assignments that we should put first.


By planning workloads to be completed every day, checking the work agenda book, and making a daily ‘To-do list’ list, we will successfully complete the work in a timely manner. Anyway, if all the work can be done well, we can also take a rest in peace without being haunted by deadlines.


6. Creating a Fun Atmosphere in the Workspace or Workbench.

Happiness in the work environment can also be created when we feel comfortable and happy to be in a room that we think is “suitable” in the heart. Therefore, it is important for us to create a comfortable atmosphere in the workspace. If we don’t have a workspace, then we can maximize our desk. For example, spraying perfume or placing a small fragrance on the work table, putting our favorite flower vase on the table, putting photos with your partner or family in a beautiful frame on the work table, even putting delicious snacks in the work desk drawer too highly recommended! Create a room or desk that makes us comfortable and happy while working.


7. Step Towards the Next Career.

What if we have applied the previous 6 points in the work environment, but happiness is still not on our side? Maybe it’s time for us to move on to the next career. Maybe looking for work in another company or asking the leader for help to transfer us to another department that may still be relevant to our work experience.


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