Successful entrepreneurs

When a person wishes to start a business, he also looks at those prominent names that throughout his history inspire the practical example of self-improvement in this field of business. In this article we introduce some successful entrepreneurs.


Anxo Pérez 

This is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the current landscape. He is also the author of the book Los 88 Rungs of Success . A work of inspiration for anyone who wants to go through the process towards success, understanding what some of the fundamental ingredients are in this recipe for constancy and creativity. This publication has aroused the interest of the public since it has been a success in bookstore sales.

The history of this entrepreneur is described by relevant data. For example, he is the creator of the innovative method to learn languages. In addition, this professional also received the Deloitte Entrepreneurs Award 2013.


The creators of Mr. Wonderful

The positive philosophy and the messages of overcoming transmit light and happiness in the present of so many men and women that feed this vision of life in their attitude to the challenges of each day. An optimistic message can not only be part of a self-help book or a coaching text. Mr. Wonderful is an example of a project that spreads the beauty of happiness through its proposal through a wide catalog of products that have the stamp of originality and personalization.

The creators of this project are Javi and Angi. The protagonists explain it this way on the website: “All this we started Javi and Angi, graphic designers, partners and also husband and wife.” It was the year 2011 and, since then, this idea has grown to an international stage. Their designs are demanded by different points of sale such as stationery stores and gift shops.



Antonio Espinosa

This professional is the founding CEO of Auara. This is a social project that enhances the commitment to create a better world by hoping for an important resource such as drinking water that is a scarce asset in different places. This company carries out social projects aimed at enhancing access to this important asset. This entity indicates on its website that it is the First Social Company in Spain certified by Social Enterprise Mark. Auara sells quality and sustainable products. The customer of this point of sale can buy natural mineral water, which is also one hundred percent social. This buying gesture is reinforced by the meaning of the values ​​that move this project on a human level. 

Angel  Alegre creator of Living to the Maximum

Although new technologies offer development resources that have opened up new possibilities, many people still do not use this potential. This protagonist is an example of success in online entrepreneurship. In the past, he worked as a programmer at Microsoft as he explains on his website.  


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