10 qualities of successful entrepreneurs

Have you noticed what are the  qualities of successful entrepreneurs. Believe me, no matter how good someone is, no one is born ready. Many of the successful entrepreneurs have had to learn a lot to get where they are.The good news is that you can draw on their experience to follow a successful path. For those who are opening their own business, it is essential to observe certain characteristics and try to develop them in the best possible way. Here are ten qualities that can make you a winning entrepreneur.

Extend your interpersonal relationships (networking)

The more people you meet, the greater the chances that they will be able to do business with you or introduce you to potential customers. So-called networking is one of the most important aspects of an entrepreneur’s life. Go to meetings, fairs, congresses, lectures and events where there is an opportunity to chat with people and introduce yourself. Put shyness aside and show who you are to as many people as possible.

2. Enhance skills and knowledge

Just reading this article shows that you are on the right track. The modern market is very dynamic and it is important to always be looking for alternatives to improve your knowledge. Take courses, read books, chat with other entrepreneurs and allow time for yourself just to expand your skills.

3. Good personal marketing

It is not enough to be good at something, people need to know that. For this reason, communicating your strengths properly is one of the first characteristics you should develop. Your customers need to trust that the solution you offer will be enough to solve their problems. Have confidence to show your qualities.

4. Courage to take risks

Making mistakes is part of business and we don’t always make the right decisions. However, a good entrepreneur is one who knows what mistakes happen and, even so, does not worry about taking risks. Obviously, you will always try to surround yourself with the knowledge necessary to make the best possible decision, but taking risks is part of every entrepreneur’s daily life.

5. Develop emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability we have to recognize and evaluate our own feelings and the feelings of others and how to deal with them in the best possible way. This ranges from emotional stability in the face of problems and turbulent times to the ability to put yourself in the shoes of a customer to try to find the best possible solution for both parties. Increase your self-confidence and learn to work on your negative emotions.

6. Develop sales skills

Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, “selling your work” is something you will do most of the time. Whether in social media posts, in customer relationships or when introducing yourself to a new company. All the time we are showing who we are and convincing other people to believe the same idea. So the more skillful you are with sales, the more benefits it will certainly bring to your business.

7. Do more than expected

Conformity is not for entrepreneurs. They are always looking to do more and better and that should be their day to day. Don’t be satisfied with delivering “more of the same” to your customers. Surprise them with creative products and services and a friendly and interested in solving problems. Try to make each moment unique and unforgettable .

8. Read whenever possible

Reading is essential for the good entrepreneur and we are not just talking about books. Articles available on the internet – especially on the Sage website – and e-books are a rich source of information to expand your knowledge. Also, keep an eye out for official news sources, such as public agency websites and widely circulated newspapers and magazines. Being up to date makes a lot of difference.

9. Have initiative and leadership

From the moment you become an entrepreneur, there are no more “bosses” and “bosses” to tell you what to do. Everything that happens in your company becomes your initiative and, therefore, being willing to always be ahead, leading your employees , is an essential feature to be developed. Your actions will be a source of inspiration for others, so behave with ethics and awareness so that everyone is proud to “buy” their ideas and can work towards a common goal.

10. Have clear goals (and means to achieve them)

What is your biggest goal with your work? Successful entrepreneurs have a strong sense of purpose: they don’t go in circles or go in many directions. Instead, they set goals and focus on achieving each one. Just dreaming and wishing deeply doesn’t solve it. You have to fight and find ways to turn your wishes and expectations into reality.

New learning every day

When you become an entrepreneur it is not only your job that changes, but also your mindset. You will need to be proactive, creative, motivated and efficient to handle each new day. And that will be great, because it is a lifestyle in which every day is a day to learn something new and be surprised.

The list of characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is much more extensive, but it is practically impossible to be the best in all aspects – and neither is it necessary. The important thing is that you know what they are and can, every day, develop so that you and your company become better at solving your customers’ problems.


by Abdullah Sam
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