What is the Stock Exchange and what works?

The stock exchange is a familiar name. Those who are not associated with the stock market are also familiar with the term. Those of us who are investing in the capital market may have little or no knowledge, but the main goal of this article is to give those who are new to the stock exchange some ideas.

Stock (Stock) ,   mutual funds ( Mutual Fund) , dibecancara, public / private bonds, such as financial trading madhyai of the Stock Exchange (Stock Exchange).

Stock Exchange never sells shares of a company directly to ordinary investors. A non-profit organization registered under the Companies Act.

Work of the Stock Exchange

Stock exchange is a lot of work in stock exchange. I will come up with another article detailing this. So without saying too much, some important work is being mentioned.

  • List of companies willing to stock market.
  • Verify that all of the conditions given at the time of enrollment are in compliance.
  • Check to see if the members are in compliance with the law.
  • To arrange for the transaction of the shares sold.
  • Provide training to willing investors.
  • Provide large-scale IT deployment and software for by-sales.

Stock Exchange (Stock Exchange) of the income of the

Listing fees, contract charges, fees on listed companies, commissions on sales, etc. are the main sources of income for the stock exchange.

Why the Stock Exchange

Shares are a commodity and on the other hand a public listed company is a separate entity. The need for a stock exchange as a means of communicating with the investors between the two. Read more : What is a Mutual Fund?

General investors like myself, you and I need the Stock Exchange to add the lazy money we have to the product or service.

Not only that, Stock Exchange is a good way to grow and develop resources. At the same time, people’s investment helps to invest in low cost multi-purpose institutions. Which makes investment safe and profitable.

To end with an example, some of the biggest companies in our country are Grameenphone, SquarePharma, all banks, etc. At today’s market rate you will be able to buy a Grameenphone share at 5 rupees, and as a result you become a shareholder of Grameenphone.

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