What is an Index?

he English Index of the English Index is an index. Index is a sign of the change in the value of the sum of a product. The index is the change in the share price of hundreds of companies in the stock market. Indexes are considered as indicators of the full stock market volatility.

Considering a little, you will see that the Consumer Prize is published in different newspapers. There are usually things on average, prices that have not gone up or down. Using a graph or chart to illustrate the effect of rising or falling prices on family spending, this is called the Consumer Price Index.

The stock market may have more than one index. There are two stock exchanges in Dhaka, Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange. There are 4 indexes on the DSE and 4 indexes on the CSE.

Good company products or services can be found in different indexes. Indexes are calculated according to international norms. An index is done on a different date.

It is difficult to read Index or Index if it is not necessary to know Base Year and Index Base. Let’s try to understand with an example. Suppose that if an index is held at 1 base in 20, if the index is 1 on the same date, then the index has increased by 20% in that year. Read more: Why never buy shares with a bank loan

An investor must understand the underlying implications of Index. Now there are more than 5+ company shares listed in the market and today the DSEX Index is 124. The DSEX Index will be 25 points at approximately 127 in the area where the share price of the 20+ companies rose tomorrow. (This is an example). Many times there are examples of this when the price of a company goes up, but the index does not rise.


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