Steam cooking consists of cooking food through the vapor of the liquid medium (water), without contacting it. For this, the ingredients are placed in a grid or perforated container suspended in a saucepan, pot or similar that contains the water that is brought to a boil. With this technique, the vapors that rise when the liquid boils , cook the food, slowly but without dilution of the nutrients.



Steam cooking provides us with the most healthy diet, does not require the addition of fatty elements and maintains vitamins and minerals in food much more than other culinary techniques, it also preserves its aroma , flavor and texture, it is a method of Cooking is booming given the increasing health care through food.


Something essential to achieve satisfactory steam cooking is that the food is fresh, then it is necessary that it does not touch the water, but rather that the steam cooks it and that it is cut so that all the ingredients require the same cooking time. cooking. Of great importance is also using the right container for steaming.

The most widely used container has always been the conventional pot with a basket in the shape of a Mayan that fits into it. Although today we have many utensils for this cooking method . For example, we find electric steam appliances with a thermostat and with several containers to place food separately. The system of this small appliance is the same, only the heat source varies. Among its advantages we find the possibility of programming the cooking time and being able to dedicate ourselves to other culinary needs.

We can opt for a traditional steamer, taking into account that the lid has to prevent condensed steam from falling on the food. It is also necessary that it fits well with the container and that the basket has handles that will allow it to be removed easily.

The bamboo basket is also very popular, as well as certain pots that have a dome-shaped lid that prevents dripping water, provides smoother steam. The Thermomix , thanks to the Varoma container that it currently incorporates, also allows us to make good steam cooking, among many other things, personally it is our recommendation, a single utensil or small appliance that gives us multiple uses, but of course, it is not the cheapest .

Let’s not forget that we can also opt for steam ovens applicable in both professional and domestic kitchens, they offer homogeneous cooking and an electronic regulation system for steam that prevents food from overcooking, among other things.

Although cooking using steam was mainly used with vegetables, it is a method that accepts almost any ingredient, meat and fish are juicy and very tasty, it is always possible to accompany spices that also flavor our dish.


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