Cooking with Salt

Cooking in salt is one of the ancient cooking methods that is also very healthy. This type of cooking preserves the nutrients of the ingredient being cooked and unlike what it may seem, cooking in salt does not provide a very salty dish, fish , meat or whatever you want to cook in salt , will absorb just the right amount and necessary of this seasoning.

It is also a very favorable cooking method for different types of diet because it does not require the inclusion of fats, the food is cooked in its own juice and we add to this that the salt absorbs the fats, offering as a result a very juicy, tasty dish and light.


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Salt cooking is linked to the Mediterranean area and, in general, to the areas in which marine salt flats abound. There are different ways to create that salt crust that will wrap the food, which is not limited to fish although it is the most common (sea bass and sea bream), you can also cook with this method, birds and other meats or vegetables.


The pieces that you want to cook in salt must be as whole as possible, in the case of fish, we can empty them but trying not to open them completely, and it is not necessary to scale them, because once the fish is cooked, we will break the crust of salt and the skin will be removed to find the exquisite and juicy fish meat.

Coarse salt is used for this cooking method, the same as for marinated salmon for example. We can flavor it with herbs and spices, it also gives a special touch if you add a little smoked salt.

There are several options to cover the food with salt, it can be put alone (with a little water) or with half beaten egg white, thus obtaining a harder salt crust. Another way to cook with salt is by making a dough with salt, flour and egg white , spread as we do with other types of dough with a rolling pin and wrap the fish in it.

Salt fish

To make a fish in salt, pork loin in salt or whatever you want, you should bear in mind that the cooking time will vary according to size, about 20 minutes per kilo of fish (it is always better to stay short so as not to get a dried fish) and in the case of meats it may take longer. The oven temperature must be high, between 200 and 250  ° C and the amount (approximate) of salt required is usually two kilos for every kilo of fish.

A pan or baking sheet slightly larger than the piece to be cooked is required. Make a bed with the moistened and flavored salt to taste, put the fish and cover with the rest of the moistened salt pressing it and perfectly covering the piece.

The tray is inserted into the preheated oven and the necessary time is left depending on the size. A very important fact to keep in mind is not to open the oven during cooking to maintain a constant temperature.

When done, remove the tray from the oven and immediately break the salt crust taking care not to break the delicate meat of the fish, and you are ready to serve and enjoy.


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