How to start a tissue paper showpiece business

Shopys’ accessories are used to enhance beauty. As long as there is goodwill in the people, this business will continue. At present, people want to enhance the beauty of offices, business establishments besides their own homes. In this age of globalization, its demand is increasing. This business is known as a popular business. There is no substitute for tissue paper showpiece to make your home beautiful. Many young people are interested in starting this business. The profits in this business are huge.


Business Location: You can start this business in a market near you or in a small shop in the market. It is a good idea to start this business in a place where people have more movement. This business doesn’t require much space.


Potential Capital: For this business you have to invest capital from Tk 20 to Tk 5.


Why start this business: Demand for this business is increasing over time. There is a demand for this business in all countries of the world. It is a lucrative business. Since the popularity of this business is higher than other businesses, many young entrepreneurs are eager to start this business. There are many people who do not want to do business because of the high risk, but there is no risk in this business. You can definitely start this business.


What you can make: The products of this business include vase, fish, peaquin, flower tops, birds, pencils and so on.


How to make: You need to first soak the tissues in water. Then gum should be applied to these tissues. Now you have to put it on a design and create a showpiece of various sizes. You can use different colors to make your things look beautiful. And this way you can make tissue paper showpieces.


Marketing: This business is known all over the world so you can export your products abroad. You can move your business forward by having discussions with the owners of major shopping malls and market shops.


Special Qualifications: No training is required to do this business only if there is a little ingenuity. This can be done by any human.



Potential Income: The amount of income in this business will depend on your sales. For example, it costs 5 bucks to make a pencil. When you go to sell it, it costs 5 bucks. Then you can earn 5 percent from there.

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