How To Start An Imitation Jewelry Making Business

Since ancient times, imitation has become one of the most popular and well-worn outfits for humankind. Imitation jewelry is an ancient industry with huge demand for people of all classes. The imitation jewelry making business has the potential to become self-sufficient for the common man and businessmen as a good profession. Especially women do not have to go to work in the field or outside the house. At home, Imitation can make a living by making jewelry. The emerald jewelry business is gradually expanding day by day in the Pak-India subcontinent. The entrepreneur of any level has a bright prospect of success in this business.


Business Location:   You can start this business at home with your family if you wish. This business does not require much space to operate. You can manage this business in less places.


Potential Capital: To operate this business you will need to invest capital from Tk 20 to Tk 5.


Why start this business: Imitation jewelry making is a popular business. This business has been around since ancient times. Demand for this business is increasing day by day, for which many young entrepreneurs are eager to do this business. The risk in this business is low.


How to make:   This business includes products such as nails, bangles, necklace etc. First you have to create a design. Different types of products can be made by cutting copper into brass chives. Then you can get the help of Tatul to clean the products. Then you can prepare this product for sale in the market. This way you can create different types of imitation jewelry.


Marketing: The growth of this business is increasing day by day. You can take your business to the forefront by consulting big shopping malls and jewelry shops. Demand for this business is high in the village. Because of this, you can sell your products to wholesalers at a wholesale price.


Qualifications: No training is required to start this business. Only if there is a labor mentality. This business requires you to be creative.

Potential Income: You can earn up to 5 to 5 percent of your income by making emitting jewelry.

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