How to start a plant and animal business for adoption

Want to reinvent yourself? There are several activities that have not suffered the damage of the crisis, and they are not only the hi-tech ones as we are led to believe. For example, if you are a lover of green thumb and animals , you could think of making your passion a job by helping many other enthusiasts to have a piece of land or farm animals.


Last year, in 2018, Coldiretti made public a list that caused quite a stir among the Italian population. It was a Blacklist in which Coldiretti tried to alert people about the toxic foods that each of us risks bringing to our table, and remembering – because there is always the need to do it – the fundamental importance of choosing a healthy diet.

The Italians certainly have the advantage of being more careful than any other population in the world to make a conscious, rigid and rigorous shopping. An attention that grows more and more every year and that makes it convenient to focus on activities that sell only fresh and controlled products.

The idea of ​​a return to earth attracts more and more people (and always younger!) And if you are among those we want in this article to provide you with all the necessary information to allow you to get involved and create an innovative and exciting activity.

An activity that can be to give animals and plants for adoption, always very profitable and that in addition to a material gain brings not a little satisfaction. Here’s what it is.


If you own a farm, or intend to do so in the short term, you could consider giving your customers the opportunity to adopt a plot of land or one or more farm animals: it is something that certainly makes the difference.

This choice, or the giving of plants and animals for adoption, is becoming increasingly popular and popular, because it grows directly in proportion to the attention of consumers towards what they bring into their bodies every day.

The adoption of animals and plants means that you will continue to take care of the vegetable garden or orchard you own, but you will give the products of the garden or orchard to those who have adopted your plants and trees.

Same thing for the animals: what the hens, the sheep, or the cows of your farm produce (therefore milk, wool, or eggs) you will have to give them to those who have adopted these animals remotely.

For their part, those who have adopted plants or animals will pay a fee – variable according to the case – to the farmer or breeder, who has the commitment to deliver fresh products made and processed in his home directly activities.

What are the most popular plants or animals? Among the plants are certainly fruit trees, vineyards, olive trees. While the most adopted animals are goats and sheep that carry cheeses, cows for milk, bees for honey and chickens, of course, for eggs.

Pigs are also very popular, as we know they bring many products into the house and also donkeys.


The start-up of a plant and animal adoption activity is very successful especially in educational farms, that is, those activities open to school groups and which aim to attract young people to the world of agriculture and livestock.

When they go to the farms to visit the school, the boys and children are so fascinated by what they see, especially by the animals present in the fields and in the stables, that they then ask the parents to adopt one.

We understand how it can therefore be a business that brings a lot of profit, provided of course that everything is done in the right way and that very important details are not overlooked.

Why not, having large plots of land or abundant orchards is not enough. To make the business truly successful, you must make yourself known and aim for a direct sale of your products.

In this case, the Internet and especially the Social Networks (Instagram above all) can be of great help to you: in fact, if you promote your business at best, focusing a lot on the possibility for the customer to have the products grown in the company directly at home, the quantity of requests can grow exponentially.

What you have to do is get out of the role of traditional Farmer, and update yourself to the New Gen. Peasant, who knows how to move very well both in the fields and on the Net. And that moves both the hoe and the PC mouse very well.


To have a start “with a bang” you must not overlook any detail. And most importantly, you shouldn’t underestimate the competition. There are many companies that have already started their business of plants and animals for adoption, so you have to position yourself where there is not already a service similar to yours.

You can certainly take a cue from how good others are, but do not overdo it and make sure that this cue is not too obvious. A law that never changes is that those who copy and those who lie on their laurels sooner or later face failure.

Always look for some originality and variety in the offers, and you will see that there will be a lot of gains.

There are many ideas you can bet on. For example, you could give those who adopt an animal the opportunity to control it in real time, installing a webcam and connecting it to the customer’s smartphone or PC to allow them to see all the growth stages of that animal .

The customer can thus verify from his home that the animal is always given healthy food, and that it is kept in excellent shape. That is not mistreated, in short. Instead those who propose to adopt olive trees not only sell oil but also offer other types of products, mostly cosmetics.

Still you can make accessories such as sheep plush, cow-shaped cups and so on suitable especially for children; and you can also allow customers with spades and shovels to personally work on the garden they have adopted.

In this way they will have the satisfaction of collecting what they have planted with their own hands. Moreover, you must always be honest with the customer, and win his trust: one of the ways to do this is to issue an adoption certificate, and the possibility for the customer to reach the facility at any time.

In short, you must always demonstrate that what happens in your business has the primary purpose of respect and love for the plants and animals that you grow and raise every day with care and patience.


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