How to open a bathhouse

There are things that never go out of style, and among these there is also the desire to go to the beach. People, especially with these increasingly higher temperatures, will always go to the sea so the choice to open a bathing establishment is still spot on. Provided that you can keep up with the times, and offer something unique.


The Italians, especially in recent times, find themselves having to make many sacrifices to be able to get back into the expenses to make ends meet . However, there is one thing in particular that they do not want to give up at all in the world, and it is the sacred right to holidays, especially those in the summer at the sea.

Precisely for this reason, the entrepreneurial idea of ​​opening a new bathing establishment is always an excellent idea, a great success, which with the right precautions could bring a lot of revenue into the house.

Although it is an activity, at least in Italy, linked to the summer, if well organized it is a business that leads to great profits even in the autumn and winter, when the umbrellas are closed and dismantled, and placed in a warehouse.

And then we must not forget the great advantage of being able to work in a beautiful environment, always in the sun, always at the sea, always full of people and with a relaxing climate that only the beach can offer.

There is no shortage of complexities and obstacles, which as usual are linked to the bureaucratic sphere: efforts must be made to request all the authorizations necessary to open a bathing establishment. And we want to start from this.


As we said, it is not so simple to open a bathing establishment not so much for the money that you have to put into it, as to obtain all the authorizations you need to keep it open legally.

It is important to immediately say that all the beaches are a property of the Italian state, so if you want to open a bathing establishment you will need to request a specific maritime state concession for tourism and recreation activities .

It is certainly something complex, which requires submitting the request to the municipality of reference of the beach, and also to obtain the award of a part of the beach you must win a competition that is periodically organized by the institution that is responsible for assigning the maritime lots , or rather the Maritime State Authority.

Years ago, the procedure in Italy to assign and renew the concession was different from that established by the European Commission, in that the concessions were renewed without even making a tender.

It is easy to understand that with this type of operation the assignment or reassignment of lots are not procedures that often happen, and therefore determine for those looking to open a factory that the easiest and most obvious solution is to take over the management of a beach already existing.

In any case, when the “bureaucratic and administrative games” concession has been obtained, it is certainly not over, because one must strive to obtain the Single Environmental Authorization, which must be presented at the Single Desk of the Municipality’s Production Activities.

At the tax level, the positions must be established at the Revenue Agency, with the opening of a VAT number and by registering with the Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce of your Municipality, also establishing the social security and accident positions of the owner of the company, and workers (if any) at the INAIL and INPS offices.

Finally, who will be the owner of the establishment must attend a suitable training course that prepares him for the management of the establishment, a job that is certainly demanding and full of responsibility for the health and safety of the people who will exploit the beach and the available equipment.


All these operations make it inevitable that the costs depend on the ways and times required to obtain these concessions. For example, if the beach was obtained through a tender or a public auction, the cost will depend on the size of the beach assigned, as well as on the characteristics and number of other people who have applied.

The investment will be higher if, on the other hand, the concession is acquired by buying and selling the beach, a situation that also entails spending hundreds of thousands of euros.

We must then add the costs of spending beach chairs, games for the entertainment of children and teenagers, umbrellas, kiosks bars, restaurants, tools for setting up and dismantling the structures during the winter.

So, opening your own bathing establishment is something not particularly easy to do in the right times and ways, and for this reason it is better to contact and get help from professionals in the sector, such as accountants who are skilled and move better between bureaucratic tasks and administrative requirements.

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