How To Open Ports In The Askey HGU RTF3505VW Router

Possibly, the Askey HGU RTF3505VW model does not tell you anything, but if we say the Movistar fiber optic Wi-Fi + ONT + videobridge HGU router or, still simplifying more, the router that Movistar mounts with any fiber optic connection , perhaps you have more present the model that, on the other hand, you will recognize very well from the photo.

For certain uses such as, for example, video games, we may be interested in opening ports in it, which we will see how to do, although before …

What does ‘open ports’ mean?

The operating system of our computer communicates with the outside through so-called ports . Each different type of application ‘opens’ a different port, which means that it communicates with the rest of the world in a unique way and different from the others.

For security reasons, routers have almost all ports closed with the exception of the most common (such as 80, corresponding to the HTTP protocol, the web).

To use certain applications that are not common (such as video games), we are forced to manually open the ports on our router so that these programs can communicate with the rest of the world.

The Fortnite video game, for example, uses ports 53, 80, 443, 5795, 99, 5222, 5800 and 5847. If when using it we do not have a connection, perhaps it is that they are not properly open.

Accessing the Movistar router

The Movistar HGU RTF3505VW has a sticker at the bottom in which we are provided with the data to enter the device . You just have to enter the http address in a web browser, and the password included.

Once this is done, we will find the user interface, which contains a menu icon in the upper left, which we must open and click on the option puertos:

By clicking on this option, a new screen of the Movistar router user interface will open, in which we can configure new ports and see lists of those that are already open:

The data that we must give to the router are the following:

  • Port rule name : for example, the name of the game or application for which we open the port
  • IP address : it is the IP address of our computer or device. You must have a fixed IP for the port to redirect properly ALWAYS.
  • Protocol : we can choose TCP, UDP or TCP + UDP. It is a piece of information that we should obtain from the configuration of the game or program.
  • Open Port / External Range (WAN) : the port number that should be open to the world, to the Internet, to the outside
  • Open Port / Internal Range (LAN) : the port on the local network. It may differ from the previous one, but in this case we will surely have to touch some kind of configuration in the program or game.

Once the corresponding data has been entered, we will only have to click on the button Añadirthat we can see on the right side of the interface.


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