The importance of reading

The practice of reading is of fundamental importance for the development of the student, it will guarantee both a good arsenal of words for your vocabulary and the verification of the language in use and the application of grammatical rules, making the student capable of being a great writer and acquire good interpretation and understanding of texts.

The habit of reading should be inserted early in schools so that students can listen to readings aloud of different stories belonging to different genres and text types in pre-school, as well as reading texts and books to perform activities when already literate.

A good tactic for implementing reading moments in school classes is to assess the context in which students are inserted, what is up for their age, checking which materials will attract and arouse curiosity to students.

Reading is the greatest contact with the living language that students can have, which brings the ability to interpret various texts that will be exposed, so that the student has the ability to make reflections, create a point of view, elaborate their arguments. Finally, reading is essential for the development of the student and, therefore, it is that they must be exposed to all genders to understand how they are structured.

Textual genres are the texts of different modalities and formats that we are exposed to all the time, they have socio-communicative characteristics defined by content, properties, style and characteristic composition.

Therefore, contact with different genres can be based on: news, stories, chronicles, leaflets, labels, recipes, comics, posters, tickets, didactic-scientific texts, among others. In addition to oral genres, such as lectures, interviews, presentations of teamwork, debates, among others. They are all present in everyday life and must be worked on in the classroom.

The most important thing is always to look for those who are suited to the school environment and are attractive, so that children do not create barriers to reading, but are encouraged to do so from the beginning of school life.

So, you student, get into the habit of reading to develop the ability to interpret, understand texts from different areas and the ability to write great texts throughout your school, academic and professional life.

by Abdullah Sam
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