How to start an Internet connection business?

Bulbs are needed wherever there is electricity in the world. Electric bulbs are used to transmit light. Electric bulbs are used in various offices, homes, factories. The world is shining today in the light of electric bulbs. Due to industrialization and urbanization, the demand for bulbs is increasing day by day. Many young entrepreneurs are eager to start this business. The use of electric bulbs is a necessity at every turn.


Location: This business needs a specific place to start. This business requires a little more space to start. If you have a place near your home, you can manage the business at that location.


Potential capital: To start this business, you need to invest potential capital from 1 to 5 taka.


Why start this business?

The electric bulb business is a popular business. There is no possibility of risk in this business. This business is a popular business concept all over the world. Along with the demand of its business, customer demand is also increasing. Demand is increasing at every moment.



How to get started: This business is generally considered an electrician. It is especially used in machines. You need to create a design of glass bulbs. Then, with the help of the machine, the air and the neon gas in the air should be filled with screws on the bottom. In order to pack it, it will be packaged and arranged. This is how you can start this business.


Marketing: Those who have electrical connections at home or at home are the consumers of this business. Demand in the market is increasing day by day. It is used in various stores. In this case you have to sell the product at a wholesale price to retailers.

Qualifications: To do this business, you need to hire skilled workers and have experience with it. Everyone has to be skilled at this task.


Potential gains

The profits of this business are higher than other businesses. With this business you can earn from 1 to 25 taka per month.

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