How to Start a Bio Gas Plant Business?

Biogas is made from a variety of organic materials that are digested. Biogas is produced when all these materials are digested in a place where there is no oxygen. Bio-gas is commonly used for cooking. Bio-gas reduces environmental pollution. The use of bio gas reduces the pressure on natural gas. Biogas is made through cow dung, poultry and chicken shit. Over time, the demand for biogas has increased.

Potential Capital : To start this business you will need to invest approximately Rs.


Location: You can start this business in your home if you wish. You need a specific place to start this business. This business can be started in less places.


Why start this business: Bio gas is used exclusively for cooking. With the crisis of natural gas, people are now becoming dependent on biogas as an alternative gas. With the increase in the number of users using this gas, the opportunity to start a business is also being created.

Materials required:   cement, brick, sand, cow duck, and chicken shit.


How to start this business: First you need to create a chamber lid. Bio-gas can be made in this chamber. In order to obtain a signal during the bio-gas, a meter must be installed and two tubes connected to the oven. After receiving the signal you can light the oven. This way you can start this business very easily.


Advantages: Less space is sufficient to build a bio gas plant. The environment is less likely to be polluted because of the gas produced by garbage. Waste of bio gas plants can later be used as organic fertilizer.


Marketing: We use bio gas for cooking. Demand for this business in the market is increasing day by day. Demand for this business is highest in rural areas.


Qualifications: You must receive training to start this business. Must have experience over it.


Potential Benefits: You can use this bio gas for your own cooking. Through this business, you can earn from 1 to 5 rupees a month.

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