How To Start A Dairy Farm Business

The dairy firm’s business is considered a lucrative business in Bangladesh. But failure to manage the business properly can result in loss of profit. There are many examples in our country that the dairy firm has become a billionaire by doing business. We usually see such an example on various TB occasions. Likewise, many people have lost a lot of money by doing dairy business.

Then the question is, who benefits from rearing cows, while others are losing everything by keeping cows. So today I brought this article for you so you can start a dairy farm business properly, the rest knows it.

Why start a dairy farm business?

Before starting a business you need to know why you would do this business. Let’s not know – 5 reasons to start a dairy farm business

Steps to start a dairy farm business

Determination of cow breeds – first and foremost step

You need to start a dairy business commercially with improved varieties. So it is very important to choose this particular breed. Many people start business with the cows of indigenous breeds, which does not yield the expected results. In my own research, brown Swiss breed cows seemed the best for our country. The reasons are as follows:

১. Brown Swiss breed cows get milk from 5 to 20 kg daily.

  1. The fat content in milk of this variety is about 1.5-5.5% and protein about 1.5%.

৩. They are very quiet and not easily provoked. Which is important for a dairy farm.

৪. This brown Swiss breed is very big to see. When their children grow up, they will be more profitable than other breeds.

Proper cow rearing plans

Want to plan before starting any business. In the same way, a written business plan should be prepared for starting a dairy firm. Many of us have face-to-face plans that don’t really agree. So all you have to do is write.

Selection of space for the firm

Choosing the right place will give your business a lot of leeway. After open, high, sunlight, you need to select the place where the wind is blowing properly. A cow farm may be set up a short distance away from the settlement house. One has to choose a place where communication is good. So that a van can move the car.

Find out how much money to invest

Your business plan should proceed. Don’t invest money in emotion or fear. Set aside one-third of the money you have in your budget, buy a cow with one share, food for the rest. (Assume your house is built)

Think about your local milk market

Know who your customer will be on the farm, whether to sell it directly to a company. Think about the previous sale of the dairy firm’s business. In this case it would be profitable for you to sell all the milk to a company on a daily basis. Even if you get a few bucks less than the market rate, that’s fine.

Employ skilled manpower

Dairy farm business is easy and difficult. But if you and your staff have any training, the task will be much easier. This training will be of great use at the special time of the cow

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