There are 5 challenges that you face in a cattle ranch business

Cow farm – to produce milk for the dairy farm or cattle motatajakarana , the business does not want to face some challenges. We found the same challenges or problems for the cattle ranch business, and have tried to find a solution.

Good breed cows

We found the first challenge. Where can I find a good variety of cows, what is the name, milk or how to give meat. Select if you want to produce milk – Ayrshire cattle, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn. Of these, brown Swiss is able to milk up to 20 liters. The cows of these varieties will be found in the open areas of Mushri, Savar area, Baghabariighat Milkwita area, Ati area of ​​Keraniganj upazila, Tangail, Saidpur, Thakurgaon, etc. Chianina bulls, beef masters etc. are ideal for producing beef.


The second challenge I found was the problem of food. Such as what to eat, how to spend, available all the time, etc. The more you reduce the cost of food, the higher the profit will be. However, it is important to remember that cows do not get enough food. On a farm, 5% of the total expenditure goes behind food. In this section, you need to know how to make your own food, so that the nutrients are well and the cost is reduced.

Limited capital

This is one of the best issues. Doing this business with limited capital is a bit risky. When you start a business you need to put some money aside. For example, you want to start a cattle ranch business with 1 lakh rupees.

In that case you need to buy 1 lakh cows for cattle, Tk 5 lakh for food and the remaining two lakhs for rack which will be spent later on.

Marketing of cows

Marketing – One of the top 5 challenges facing the cattle ranch. The cattle-raising cattle business, in particular, has to deal with this problem. At the time of sacrifice, Indian cows come to our country, which makes the domestic farming less profitable. Domestic cows should be spread in areas where Indian cows do not come.

Skilled manpower

The beef business is a business that you cannot do alone. Depending on the size of the farm, you will need to have enough manpower. Typically, a dairy farm requires 5 workers per 1 cow

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