How to farm in Plant vs Undead to make money

Plant vs Undead is a game that is becoming popular in a dizzying way and for the simple reason that it allows you to earn money while you play. As in all games of this type, while you carry out the activities of the game, you earn a type of token that you can later exchange for money, but first you need to know how to farm to generate money faster .

One of the things that attracts the most attention in Plant vs. Undead that you can make money with a very small investment . Something that you cannot do in other games like Axie Infinity, since you have to buy a team for more than $ 300. Although there is another way to play without investing anything, but it is very difficult and it is by obtaining one of the famous scholarships .

In the case of Plant vs Undead, the minimum investment you can make and start growing your plants is 5 PVU. The PVU is the token that the game uses and that has a variable price that is currently in the order of $ 12. Therefore with an investment of $ 60 you can enter and in a few weeks recover your investment and obtain profits.

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  1. What are the missions to be carried out and how much money do they award?
    1. As gardeners
    2. Being farmers
  2. How much does each seed cost in the game?
  3. How do the mechanics to collect seeds work?
  4. What reasons are there why you can’t farm?
    1. Daily limit
    2. Beta problems

What are the missions to be carried out and how much money do they award?

The game has undergone several important changes in the way you can play and earn money, reaching its current form and is what is known as Farm 2.5. Although it is expected that a new mode will be implemented in the near future, for now it can be played in farmer mode and in gardener mode.

As gardeners

Being a gardener in Plant vs Undead is one of the modalities that most players use , since little money is needed to get started. And in this case we are talking about 5 PVUs around $ 60 at the current price of $ 12 each PVU. Once you enter the game you must exchange your PVU for LE, which is the currency used by the game.

Later, you must use these LEs to acquire your first transitory plant, in the game there are 2 types of these plants . The Sunflower mama or sunflowers mama that last 144 hours and the Sunflower sapling or suckers that last 72 hours. In the game we will also get permanent plants, but these have a cost of more than 100 PVU.

The first plant that you should compare is a mama sunflower that will cost you 200 LE, a small pot 50 LE, water for irrigation 50 LE and bird scares 20 LE. With this initial investment of 320 you must wait 6 days to receive the reward for taking care of your plant which will be 850 LE. Now you must repeat these steps, but using them LE necessary to acquire a new breast sunflower and the suckers that you can.

In this way you can have a complete garden consisting of 5 saplings and a breast. The aim is to obtain the greatest amount of LE so that you can exchange them for 100 suckers and these for a permanent plant, the suckers give you a profitability of 250 le for 72 h.

Being farmers

If you enter Plant vs Undead and want to play in the farmer mode , then it will be necessary that you can invest a significant amount of money. Since each common plant can easily exceed 105 PVU and we would be talking about more than 1200 $ at today’s price. But there are plants that can reach 400 or 500 PVU, imagine the investment.

You can also choose to buy a seed that has a cost of 100 PVU, the advantage of this option is that you can get any plant for this price. Being this ice, parasitic or mystical and the latter come to exceed 500 PVU. Once you acquire your plant you just have to take care of it and that means watering it and scare away the crows.

Depending on the plants you have, it offers you a reward every so often that can be, for example, 1235 LE every 240 hours. This means that in 30 days a month you will have 3705 LE and knowing that every 100 LE is 1 PVU. We would have a month with that plant 37.05 PVU at the current price of the token at $ 12 it will be $ 444.6.

How much does each seed cost in the game?

There is certain information that players when entering Plant vs Undead should know how are the prices of the mother plants or trees. This price is variable and will depend on the price that is handled in the market or in the Marketplace .  But in the case of the price of seeds these are always constant and cost 100 PVU.

There is also another mechanic that will allow us to get seeds without having to buy them for PVU and that is collecting suckers. These can be obtained through the Sun Box or solar box, but also by exchanging the LE, for every 100 LE they give us a sapling and when we obtain 100 of these we can exchange it without problems for 1 seed.

How do the mechanics to collect seeds work?

Being able to get or collect seeds is very important in the game , because in this way it will allow us to increase our farm. According to the new modality that has been implemented recently, it will be necessary for each player to have 4 PVUs in their wallet so that a button is enabled in your account to ‘Claim seed’ and you can claim the seeds.

Plants as well as mother trees every 24 hours will have a 2% chance of shedding seeds. But we must make a point here to tell you that the probabilities that your mother plants and trees will shed seeds will increase according to certain factors. You will have 4% for the synergy of light, that is, a light plant in a land of light, and if you use large pots the probabilities will increase by 2%.

What reasons are there why you can’t farm?

The popularity that Plant vs Undead is currently having is such that the community of players entering the platform is increasing. And it is recurring now to hear that many users of this game are having problems to enter. Something that can be very problematic and especially with the groups and the schedules that they have implemented.

But thanks to the new version of the game, Farm 2.5 has eliminated these groups and it is possible to enter at any time of the day. And waiting for the new that awaits us from September 12 with the implementation of the ‘World Tree’. But even so, you can have some difficulties to enter and farm, among the main reasons we have these:

Daily limit

It was established that you could enter the platform at a certain time depending on the group that touched you. And that it would also have a limit on the number of players in that period of time, but now with the new modality that has been eliminated. What can happen is that when the platform is saturated, it will show you the message ‘Farm under maintenance’.

Beta problems

One of the recurring problems that Plant vs Undead has had with its beta version has been the collapse of its servers, therefore the maintenance message was always displayed. Due to the slow response of the server, there were also problems with the recognition of the payment or change of PVU for LE or vice versa.

But apparently the end of the beta phase of the game has come and we are entering its most stable version, where there is the real promise of using more powerful and robust servers. Therefore your players can enter at any time of the day and farm without problems. If you want to know more about this lucrative game, we invite you to read the article how to play Plant vs Undead and win money .

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