How to start a business of making rubber sandals?

Low Risk High Profit Business Ideas Rubber sandals are popular throughout the city and villages for comfortable wear and walking comfort throughout almost all seasons. The rich and poor use almost all rubber sandals. Especially during the monsoon, mud water and leather shoes on the ground are wasted. Therefore, the use of rubber sandals increases manifold.

So from a business standpoint, this is a simple and profitable business. Moreover, establishing a rubber sandals business does not require too much capital. Due to the low demand for capital and high demand in the market, the investment in this business is increasing day by day. Besides, with the necessary materials and raw materials available, any entrepreneur can succeed in this business. Buying rubber solids at a wholesale price is enough to cut the ribbon on certain shapes.

The business can increase its production and employment of many people by employing skilled craftsmen. This business does not require any special qualifications. Only trained knowledge and experience is sufficient. Therefore, any entrepreneur can succeed in this business by utilizing honesty , hard work and efficiency.

This business can be started in any market or market where communication is good and gets lots of people. Learn – 5 best tips for starting a business for a job or a career

To start this business, you need to invest approximately 5 to 5 rupees.    

How to start making rubber sandals

First of all, the dies of different shapes should be made according to the size. Then buy rubber sols at wholesale prices. Then these solos will be cut into dice and cut using a cutting machine. Then, after cutting the solder with a little bit of hand, rubbing it with a rubber belt, the rubber sandals are made. It is better to take the necessary training for this.

People of all classes are consumers of this business. This product can also be sold at sandals to wholesalers. To start this business you need to train on sandals. Starting this business can earn from Tk 20 to Tk 3 per month.

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