How to Start a Flat Purchase Sales Business

With the demand for comfortable housing and age, the tendency towards the flat is increasing from the common people to everyone. Especially in urban areas due to the low amount of land and high prices, people are now considering buying flats. Therefore, it is a very profitable and reputable profession in terms of business direction . Because buying flat – selling is a sure profitable business. There is no fear of loss.

If a customer wants to sell a flat, you can verify the validity of the flat and purchase it and sell it for some profit. Or you can buy a flat at a convenient time from a real estate company or company and then sell it for more profit. Many entrepreneurs call this business a risk-free business

Interested in starting this business. The investment in this business is increasing day by day. Your honesty and loyalty will later give you the opportunity to do well in this business. For this, it is important to gain the trust of the customers. Besides, this business will ensure you a strong position in VO financially and socially.

Where to start?

In order to be successful in this business, where to do business is very important. We have to verify the market for that. The area where you buy fat today will have to be bought and sold in view of how it will improve over the next 3 years.

Potential amount of money

Since this is a big business idea, so is the amount of investment. The business will have to bring down the money from Tk.


How to Start a Business

In order to start this business, you must first collect the necessary documents from the appropriate authorities. Then a flat house should be built by contracting with a landowner who owns the land at a convenient location. Or there is no hassle – by determining the land of Niskantak, he should purchase the flat house from the landowner along with the validity document. Then each flat should be sold to the customers at different prices. This is the way to conduct this business.

Who will be the customer?

Usually the middle class and the rich are the consumers of this business. If you want to increase the amount of subscribers, you have to campaign widely.

Qualifications: No qualifications are required to start this business.

Potential income

Typically, each flat is sold for a profit of Rs. Starting this business in this way can earn a lot of money.

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