How to Start a Bonsai Tree Business

Origin of the word bonsai from the Japanese word. The bonsai tree business is a long-term profitable business idea. This bonsai tree business is an easy way to earn extra money by investing a small amount of your talent and labor.

From ancient times, people have a tendency toward self-decoration. People spend a lot of initiatives and lots of money to make their home and environment beautiful and fit. But after a certain time, they are no longer able to retain the beauty of the home.

This is why many entrepreneurs and consumers plant bonsai trees as part of the beauty of their home and environment for a long time. Bonsai is not limited to bus houses, it is planted in various public and private establishments and in front of the office courts as part of maintaining a wide aesthetic and attractive environment.

Why start a bonsai tree business?

It’s a business idea. Any well-rounded entrepreneur can make a great deal of money by starting this business. By preserving high quality seedlings, these plants are the perfect place for care and training is enough to start this business.

Any young person who does business in Bonsai can establish himself as a self-sufficient entrepreneur. Once this business is invested it is no longer necessary to invest in it.

How to start a bonsai business

The botanical art of sapling planted in the tub is called bonsai. To start this business, it will be difficult and more day-to-day, once a year, the leaves will drop, as well as the quality of the bark of the tree should be collected with good quality seedlings. You can make bonsai with lots of trees. Such as bot, nettle, jam, babla, shimul, etc.

Two-tier soil is most suitable for bonsai cultivation. Different types of soil should be prepared for different types of bonsai. Then fill the tub with soil and plant the tub trees.

For drainage of water, it should be used instead of a camel piece in the holes of the tub. To make the plants attractive, additional branches of the tree should be trimmed. It is used to give different shapes to the tree branches or branches. Bonsai planting is good during the monsoon. Thus bonsai cultivation can be started.

Location : This business can be started in any residential area of ​​the city or in the vacant lot beside busy marketing.

Customers : The smart people are the consumers of this business. However, Bonsai also has a huge demand for decorating various offices and businesses.

Qualifications : To start this business requires training and experience.

Possible capital : It may cost Tk 1 lakh to plant 20 trees.

Potential Income: It usually takes 3 to 5 years for a bonsai tree to be suitable for sale. The price of one fodder in the tree falls from 25 rupees to 5 or more.

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