How can you start a business in Darjibari?

Darji is a person who sews different types of clothing professionally. The Darjibari business is a lawful and profitable business. This business can be managed very easily by investing a small amount of money in your own skills.

Clothing is one of the basic needs of the people. Today, many modern women are eager to wear clothes of different designs to keep up with modernity. Therefore, many make clothes of different sizes and designs as per their wish. To one’s own will

Dorje is also not an option to create garments of different sizes and designs. Due to the tendency of customers to wear different designs, Darjee’s profession has now become an industry.

Darjebari Business You can start anywhere. You can start by renting a shop, small or large market. It’s basically a home-centered business idea. If you want, you can start this business in your own home.

There is no need to invest extra money to rent a shop so you can start your own home with a little money. This business can be started easily with some general training.

To start this business you will need to invest around 5 Taka. Conducting business with a shop can cost up to Tk 1 lakh to Rs 1 lakh per month. This business can also be started on conditional loans from various public private banks or NGOs.

A sewing machine, scissors, ribbons, scales, ironing materials are needed to start a business in Darjibari.

How to get started in this business: First you need to cut the size of the cloth with the right ribbon to fit the size of the cloth. Then the stitching is done according to size. But in this case many places have to be folded and many places have to be folded and sewn. You have to spend a little extra time cutting clothes. Thus the business of Darjibari has to be managed.

Training: Training is essential to start this business. If you want, you can start this business by training handwritten pen for a few days from someone you know. In addition, the Directorate of Youth Development, the Department of Women’s Affairs and various non-governmental organizations provide training for tailor-made work.

Customers : Please tailor it to your tailor only for mama boys or not mama girls. Basically, these business customers come for themselves. All people are customers of this business.

Qualifications: To start this business you need to know about cutting and sewing. Moreover, there should be ideas about different designs of clothing. Keeping good use with the customer, explaining the work at the right time, keeping the price low is the key to success of your business.

Potential Income: This business can be started on a small scale and can earn up to Tk.

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