How to start a home-made ghee business

Ghee making is one of the home-based businesses on low capital . Ghee is one of the oldest traditional foods in dairy foods. Especially in almost all parts of the Indian subcontinent, ghee is regarded as a very nutritious and delicious food. Ghee is an essential ingredient in restaurant or food stores and in making appetizing dishes for various occasions.

Ghee can also be made into many more delicious dishes. Considering business aspects, ghee making can be a very profitable and effective business decision. Because setting up factories does not require any public or special places.

Sitting in your home with the skills and experience of making ghee can easily be a benefit by setting up a ghee factory. Since there is no other ingredient in milk for ghee production, only a small amount of capital is sufficient to start this business. This business can be started at home.

Why start a ghee making business?

It is easy to start a business simply by utilizing the skills and experience of making ghee. This business can be started without investing less capital. Starting this business does not require much hassle. Any business person can start this business and become financially independent. There is no need to spend extra money to rent a house or shop so that you can start this business at home. Moreover, women can start ghee making business as a way of earning extra income.

In order to start this business in the first place you need to invest 5 to 5 rupees.

How to Start a Business

To start this business, first we need to collect milk and fuel it. Then the milk should be cooled and removed from the top. Then the saris must be rubbed with fine linen. Bottles must be blended with clay containers and made cream. Then mixed with water, the thick doe that will float on top of that doe is taken with a thin cloth.

Then the ghee has to be dipped in small plastic bottles for marketing. To start this business, you must obtain a license from BSTI . This way small ghee making business can be operated.

Where will the customer get it?

People of all classes are consumers of this business. Ghee can be sold in various grocery stores and super shops. If the ghee you produce is 100 percent pure, you can’t sell it and finish it. Although it is difficult to get a customer in the beginning, you have to stick to it. Once a customer understands that your product is authentic, it will serve as an advertisement for you. Read More – Food-Based Profitable Business Ideas

Qualifications: Anyone with experience in ghee making can start this business. Also, learn how to do marketing.

Potential income by doing ghee making business

This business costs from Tk 20 to Tk 5 to make one kilogram of ghee. At the time of sale in the market, the price of one kg ghee falls from 5 to 5 taka. Thus, the business can earn a lot of money.

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