How to start a business of powder spice

People start different types of businesses to pursue life and livelihoods. Of all the businesses, one of the highest income businesses is the spice making business. With modernity, it is possible to get a lot of profit by marketing different kinds of powdered spices. Bata masala is a hassle for cooking. And the demand for powdered spices is increasing to ease this trouble-free work.

There are many problems with cooking with Bata Masala. Gura masala now solves such problems. The housewife here uses powdered spices for easy cooking.

Powder masala contains cumin, coriander, turmeric, chilli, hot spice etc. There is a large market of guar masala all over the world In the countryside, Bata was used for spice cooking. At present, it has also come down. At present all houses are cooked with powdered spices.

Why start a gourd spice business?

Gourd spices are increasing in popularity all over the world. There is no substitute for powdered spices to make the cooking delicious. This business can be started with a little money. Through this business many young people can make a living for their families. This business can earn a lot of money. The powder is made with the help of a machine, so it does not require much effort. It’s known as a risk-free business. In a word, it’s a lucrative business.

Where to start

This business can be started in any major market or market. This business doesn’t need much space to start. Even home-centered businesses can handle it.

Potential Capital : To start this business you need to invest Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.

How to get started

Starting this business is easy. This business should be started with the permission of Bangladesh Safe Food Authority (BFSA) . The masala work is done with a machine. First, you should buy raw ingredients of spices and allow them to dry in the sun. After drying, the spices are powdered with the help of a machine. Packaged with the help of automation, it is ready for sale in the market. In this way powdery spices are made very easily.


There are many big companies in the market. You cannot grab the market if you want to. The competition is fairly low in the municipal city. So in the beginning it is best to decide how to market. Success can only be a matter of time if you keep a good percentage of the spices. The demand for powdered spices used for cooking is always equal. Gourd spices are sold at any grocery store. Gourd spices are also available at the city’s super shops. Good quality powdered spices can also be exported abroad.

Qualifications: No training is required to start this business. If you are proficient in how to market, then this business can be started.

Potential Income: Starting from this business, you can earn up to Rs. The more you can capture the market, the higher the income will be.

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