Spray paint

Also known as spray paint , it is a very particular product used to do quick paint jobs on small surfaces. Although its best-known use is for graffiti , spray paint is also used in decoration projects and furniture restoration, since they are very useful to cover those parts in which the brush does not give a good result.

Use of Spray Paint

The spray paint is a product that is used in the painting of large surfaces, but its use is for small areas difficult to reach or in which good results are not obtained with utensils usual paint such as paintbrushes , brushes or airless guns . Spray paint can be applied on different types of materials, especially on wood, metal and ceramics .

Decorative painting:

  • It is intended for furniture restoration, so it is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and can be used mainly on metal and wood.


  • These are sprays indicated for the primer of surfaces that will later be painted. Like any other type of primer, these products seal the surface to be painted and improve its adhesion .


  • The anticorrosive spray paint is indicated to cover metal surfaces and prevent their oxidation .

How to paint with spray paint


Spary paint has some peculiarities that we do not find in conventional paint products, so it is necessary to take into account a series of recommendations before using it. Here we give you some of the most important ones.

  • It is a product that emits a lot of odor, so it must be applied outdoors or with sufficient ventilation. In addition, it is advisable to protect yourself with the use of a mask and gloves.
  • As this is a product that comes out under pressure, it is recommended to cover around the object or the surface to be painted with paper or cardboard to avoid splashing.
  • Before applying it, it is necessary to analyze whether the surface needs primer or sanding, since otherwise good results will not be obtained.
  • The can must be shaken before using the paint and then applied approximately 30 centimeters from the surface. It is recommended to carry out a test beforehand to check the pressure with which the paint comes out.
  • To obtain good results, you have to paint with the pot vertically so that it does not drip and always do it in motion so that it is homogeneous .
  • If it is necessary to clean traces of spray paint, it can be done with a solvent or with soap and water.

The painting process with spary paint is similar to that of any other paint. The surface must first be prepared by cleaning it and removing dust and dirt. Then apply the primer if necessary and, once it is dry, proceed with spray painting. In the case of these products there is an important consideration to take into account and it is the drying speed of these paints (around 5 minutes). For this reason, you must be especially vigilant during your application and be quick if you want to correct any error during your application.

How to remove spray paint

When working with this type of paint, it is how to remove spray paint from a surface. Either because it has been previously painted and you want to remove it to renew the paint, or because it is a graffiti that you want to remove, there are several methods to remove spray paint

  • Lacking an acrylic base , spray paint cannot be removed with water. Therefore, turpentine or a synthetic solvent must be used . If it is stains of paint on the hands or some part of the skin, acetone or nail polish remover can also be used .
  • For more professional results, there are specific treatments, such as the Blatem graffiti remover , a solution that is applied directly to the paint and does not damage the surface. It can be used on natural stone walls, metal surfaces, facing brick .


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