Shutter . Structure formed by thin and narrow sheets crimped with each other, that can be rolled up or extendable, that is placed in the hollow of windows, balconies or external doors, can be lowered, raised or rolled up and serves to regulate the passage of light.


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    • 1 The most common mechanisms to move a blind
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The origin of the word “persiana” comes from the French persienne, which, as in Spanish, means Persian , Persian or Persian inhabitants of Persia, as a result of which in the 18th century they came from Persia. In ancient times, and before the use of windows, its function was covered by shutters.


  • The pulley.
  • The tape passer can be on the front or bottom of the drawer.
  • The device picks up tape
  • Suspenders

The most common mechanisms to move a blind

  • By electric motor and home automation control.
  • By means of a tape or ladder that is collected in a lower pulley (with an internal spring ) and an upper one, in which the force is carried out by the weight of the blind. It is the most common system. It can be motorized in the lower box.
  • By crank . Much slower than the tape, the crank drives a lathe that picks up a cable, which passes inside a tube that is embedded in the wall , thus making less force than with the tape.
  • By means of a rope that winds the shutter through its center and is tied on one side of the window.


The following types of blinds are distinguished:

  • Roller
  • Duette
  • Pirouette
  • Luminette
  • Silhouette
  • Twinline
  • Countrywoods
  • Precious Metals
  • Roman


Malfunctions such as: the breakage of the nerve, one of the slats left by the shutter split into two pieces, or replacing slats that are damaged, are situations that can be solved without the need to disassemble the shutter, provided that the measurement of the width of the wall where the window is enough: it must be twice or more than the length of the blind slats to have enough space to put them together (tongue and groove) without problem. If not, it will have to be disassembled to join it to the floor.

The maneuvers that must be done to remove, fix and then put it on, especially if they are large, such as on the balcony or terrace, can be complicated if the precise actions are not done well when handling them.

Steps to remove a blind

  • The window must be fully open or the slides removed.
  • Move the blind with short, smooth movements that always remain horizontal, both when lowering it and when raising it manually.
  • Large blinds weigh so they must be handled by two people. One up next to the drawer giving orders and directing the slats towards the guides so that they enter horizontally. Another one below, always holding the shutter in the center, supporting the weight and moving it with short and slow movements, at the orders of the one above. All movements must be well coordinated.

How to remove noise from blinds

  • Apply motor oil with a brush to the faces of the guides.
  • Placement of one or two rubber rollers, depending on the size of the blind in the central part and next to the edge of the base of the drawer that sticks to the blind, with which you will be able to separate the center of the slats enough so that they do not rub on the edge of the drawer.


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