Gympie Pyramid

Gympie Pyramid : It is a terraced structure located on the outskirts of Gympie in Queensland, Australia . It has been shown to be the construction of an Italian peasant to stop erosion.

The Gympie Pyramid was reported by the first European settlers of Gympie (formerly known as Nashville) near the city in which I reside, Brisbane. In the last few weeks after Stephen and Evan Strong’s lecture where I heard their magnificent lecture on Australia’s forbidden archeology and the hidden history of Australian Aboriginals, I have devoted myself to seeking any information on places and artifacts outside of official history. in Australia (Australia is 3 times bigger than all of Europe put together) the state of Queensland.


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The show is subject to amateur speculation, which has been argued by serious scholars’ hagiography, especially suggestions that it was built by an unknown civilization, the Egyptians , South Americans, or the Chinese.

The Gympie Pyramid has been independently investigated and found to be much more banal. It was part of a retaining wall built by an Italian farmer to stop erosion on a natural table on his property.


Curiously, numerous pieces were found with representations of sacred beetles, coins, different figures and other evidences, which in no way resembled the aboriginal culture of those latitudes.

Apart from this, near the pyramid there were other statues or idols of smaller stones that are believed to also represent the god Thoth, also holding the Tau or Egyptian cross, these statues are very eroded, surely by their antiquity and by the phenomena that are have hit the spot.

Other data

Wheeler’s says that the pyramid’s extraordinary origin claims are unfounded, in writing, “The facts are (probably) that the Gympie” Golden “pyramid is actually a terraced hill common by the first Italian immigrants for viticulture ever. been disfigured by erosion and stone extraction from retaining walls for use elsewhere.

As for the statements of support by the various authorities, all but one few importance fade away when one after another has been proven to be a misquote, a forgery, or a total fabrication.

Rex Gilroy claims that he discovered the Gympie Pyramid in 1975 and claimed that the “pyramid” was created by Egyptians who had mining operations in Australia for centuries, with operating bases reaching as far as the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.


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