Paperweight . Although this useful utensil is widely used to prevent the stationery from being dragged by the air on the bureaus or work tables, it does not have a defined shape or size, in essence it is a relatively small object that also serves decorative purposes.


Although it is impossible to specify the time when man began to give this type of function to objects, if it can be specified that they took off with the industrial revolution by increasing work in offices and accumulating a large number of documents, invoices, files etc, so little by little what could have been any object such as a stone or a piece of wood, little by little it was taking elaborate forms that also decorated these premises, emerging artisans who did not hesitate to express their art taking advantage of various materials such as glass, such is the case of Mauro’s Italian artisanswho made artistic works for these purposes. Today this tradition continues, incorporating other materials such as plastic, different metals, silicones or paper without leaving aside the conventional ones, even many have become collectibles for their artistic value. There are also companies that include in their services the sale and distribution of objects for these purposes, such as Amazon , with strong electronic commerce.


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