Spider-Man: Miles Morales walkthrough and game guide

How to complete the main story campaign in the new Spider-Man game

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a spin-off to Spider-Man of 2018, which is considered the best game about the friendliest superhero. This time it’s not Peter Parker that falls under our control, but Miles Morales, another guy with spider powers. If you decide to go through Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but you are having difficulties – use our passage.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough – Chapter 1. “Injectors at the ready”

Get to the point on the map. If you haven’t played the 2018 game, you’ll have time to remember or understand the basics of controls. After the video, you need to beat the escaped prisoners. Rely on counterattacks at first and hit them with normal strikes. Later, bandits with machine guns will appear. Dodge shots and use web ejectors to glue opponents to walls or cars. Don’t forget to heal. You can throw objects at enemies, but this is not necessary.

After the cutscene, chase the Rhino. The main thing is not to lag behind him, otherwise the task will be failed. Spread the web, swing and jump. Repeat this sequence while you are in the air and the boss will not slip away from you. When you are on the back of the Rhino, set the direction of movement so as to avoid obstacles and not crash. At the end of this peculiar rodeo, there will be a simple QTE, after which the chase will continue.

While Peter Parker is fighting the Rhino, you must defeat the bandits. The battle tactics are the same. Alas, the old spider-man cannot cope, and you will have to defeat the boss yourself. Attack him with bio strikes (L1 + square), then punch him. Don’t forget to dodge the Rhino’s dashes to avoid damage and accumulate biopower at the same time. Repeat until victorious.

If in the films Peter Parker still wears the Spider-Man costume, then in the comics Miles Morales has long been considered the main spiderman.

Chapter 2. “Parting Gift”

Move to Harlem to get a new costume. At the same time, listen to the message from Peter.

Chapter 3. “New vzhuh”

Move to Peter Parker’s base. You have to go through a series of workouts. Pay special attention to throwing the enemy into the air and disarming. In battle, these techniques will be extremely effective. Apply the acquired skills on two bandits, and then fix the equipment.

Chapter 4. “We are always there”

Fly to Roxon Plaza. Here you will meet new opponents in light exoskeletons that enhance their melee attacks. Hit them with bio-kicks until the gloves start to go awry, then finish off with your fists. An alternative option is to go behind the back and hit. Clear the building, and then examine the map of New York on the monitor screen.

Many of Miles Morales’ abilities are tied to the use of electricity. Thanks to this, the gameplay for him is slightly different from the game for Peter Parker

Chapter 5. “La Nochebuena”

Come back home. Explore your room, pick a record, and sit down to dinner. When the electricity goes out, check the traffic jams, and then open the window and climb the fire escape to the roof. Use your spider-sense to see the wires. Walk along them until you come across a generator. Turn it on with the bio-kick and come back for dinner.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough – Chapter 6. Harlem Trains

Open the Friendly Spider-Man app, select the “Harlem Trains Don’t Run” quest and head to the tube station. Talk to your uncle, and then fly to the Central Station. Examine the sensor and scan the wires. Activate Spider Sense to reveal the yellow cables. Run along them until you see a small building. Pull doors open, beat your opponent and interact with the computer.

During the next fight, you can use the Holodron to distract your attention.

After the victory, move to the depot. Distract one of the enemies with a shot at the box, then quietly attack the other. After that, neutralize the first enemy. Mark the rest of the opponents and knock them out one by one. Use a spider web injector as a distraction if needed.

Spider-Man’s webbing still has no analogues in the gaming industry

Turn the turntable so that the car can be driven into the depot. After that, stand in front of him and pull towards you. Then, in the same way, place the car on the circle, which is located to the right of the depot. Go upstairs. Jump onto the car, which is hanging in the air, and interact with the gear in the center. Once you find yourself below, shoot the cobwebs at the holding mechanism. When all the cars are lined up, charge the generator with a bio-shock. Connect it with electric wires. After that, you can return to your uncle.

Chapter 7. “General collection”

Follow Ganke. After the video, a battle with the underground is waiting for you. Nothing new – dodge shots, take away weapons and hit the infantry with bio-strikes. It is better to first get rid of the snipers who sat on the roof, and only then finish off the rest. Then move to the explosion site.

The fight will be difficult, so it is better to rely on Biofeed from the air, which disables multiple enemies at once. When you’re done, jump onto the bridge and break the cistern so that the water will pour out and extinguish the flames. Shoot cobwebs at the wheels of the falling bus and perform QTEs to rescue a passenger. Use the spider web injectors to hold the bridge together, jump to one side and pull them together with your hands.

Although we have a new hero in front of us, the character and manner of Miles Morales is too similar to Peter Parker. On the other hand, the spin-off retained the pleasant atmosphere of the first part

Chapter 8. “Someone Didn’t Turn Off the Light”

Get to the workshop and enter it through the attic window. Search the rooms. Smash a brick wall with bio-impact and watch the video on your computer. During the next battle, you can use stealth mode. Wait until the opponents stop looking for you and knock them out one by one. You can try to deal with them hand-to-hand, but it will not be easy – all the fighters are armed with a firearm.

Chapter 9. “Cooperative Espionage”

Get to the Roxon laboratory. Knock out three opponents, then open the generator lid and break it. Enter the building through ventilation. Stop the blades with the cobwebs, walk forward and get down. At the fork, turn left.

Get to the weaving of the pipes and move down the cobwebs. You can hide from the enemy squad if you activate invisibility in time and bypass the fighters.

In the next room, you can use electric motors.

We recommend throwing two pieces at once, wait until the opponents get into their zone of action and undermine them. Survivors can be finished off with fists. Once done, enter the ventilation shaft.

New opponents look formidable, but just remember how to deal with them, and they will not cause you problems

Go downstairs and cut down enemies one by one. Use mines, interactive objects like iron cabinets, and a web injector for distraction. When you’re done, go to your computer. Near the reactor, first of all, knock out snipers, and only then – all the rest. The combat tactics are the same. To pick up the phone, shoot the round gear above the fan. When the central device opens, use a cobweb on the wires. When the blades stop, go down and take your smartphone.

Break the generator and get out of the laboratory. You will meet opponents with shields. Knock them out with a bio-jump and finish off melee. When there are too many enemies, the Tramp will offer to leave. Use the tips and leave the building through the hole in the wall.

Chapter 10. “Undercover Agent”

Arrive at the meeting with Fina, and after the cutscene follow her. At the base of Podillya, you need to find evidence. Examine all the tables, then go out through the door and put on a suit. Climb into the ventilation and move forward until you reach the grate. Break it down and get down.

Invisibility is an extremely useful skill, especially for those who prefer to play the game silently

Take out opponents one by one. Use disguises and electromines if necessary. The last group of enemies will have to be overcome openly. When done, go to the samurai statue and pull the sword. Get in the elevator and get down. During the next fight, the greatest danger is the swordsman. Attack him with a bi-dash and carry out a series of blows. After defeating him, open the door and leave the base.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough – Chapter 11. “Interesting Movie”

Move to the Jam cinema. First take out the snipers, and then finish off the rest. Find all generators on the wires and turn them off, and then return to the entrance to the cinema. Break the barrier with a biopink and get down. Using the web, pull the wheel on the right, fix it with a shot from the injector and run into the opened passage. Climb up the wall.

Now you need to find and turn on several generators, and then connect them to the container in the center of the room.

You will have to stretch the electric web manually – aim first at one object, and then at another.

As before, you can find the generators along the glowing wires. When everything is ready, interact with the computer.

Among the costumes of Spider-Man, there are also very exotic options. They look especially funny during cut scenes.

You can deal with the first group of opponents silently, but then you are guaranteed to be calculated, so you will have to engage in open combat. The greatest danger is the warrior with the hammer. Use a bio-hit against him, and then attack with a bio-dash.

Dodge missiles while chasing Craftsman. At the same time, it is important not to lag behind and not to lose sight of the girl. When the building starts running, dodge away from the single blades and jump up when there are many.

Chapter 12. “Through the Interference”

You need to find the sound sample you want. Don’t waste your time – go straight to the red buoy. Point the camera at it and record. We proceed to the next stage of the passage of the game “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”.

Chapter 13. “For every craftsman …”

Get to the point on the map. After the video, use the megabyte explosion to free yourself. Interact with the computer, and then climb into the ventilation. Use a bio-impact to open the panel that prevents you from going further. Get down and knock out the enemy one by one. Use your computer to overload the network and open the doors.

Alas, the colorful villains were not delivered this time. I remember only Rhino and Miles’s girlfriend, known as the Handyman

After the cutscene, go forward, interact with the generator and get down. Fly to the opposite side and pull the crane. Wait for it to pick up the engine and then put the mechanism back in place. When the device is lowered, pull the structure back and connect the two contacts with an electric web. Supply power to them from the generator. Use bio-shock on the engine and throw it into the closed shutters. The next group of opponents should be dealt with quietly – it will not be easy to cope with them in an open battle. Move on through the ventilation.

During the fight with the Rhino, you need to make it crash into cars. To do this, stand next to one of them, wait for the boss to start running and dodge at the last moment. After that, you can carry out a series of blows. Just dodge the rest of the attacks. When the Rhino starts throwing cars by itself, charge the engines and throw them at the boss. Wait until his armor is completely destroyed and finish off the monster with bio-strikes.

Chapter 14. “Stronger than the bond of blood”

During the fight with the Rogue, dodge all attacks and hit him with bio-strikes in time. They will allow you to stun your uncle for a short time, and you will have the opportunity to conduct a small combo. Use your spider-sense to figure out when to dodge.

Miles Morales’s mom took an active civic stance. Alas, not everyone is ready to agree with her position.

Chapter 15. “Like Real Scientists”

As before, you first need to get rid of the snipers, and then quietly knock out the rest of the opponents. Then turn off the four generators. Walk up to the statue and rotate it counterclockwise two times. This way you can get to the first two power supplies.

There are two more left – in the east and in the west. To access the first one, you need to break the boxes and connect the contact to the ball with an electric web. You can get to the last generator if you close the circuit between the ball and two buildings next to it. Break the lid with the biopink and get down. A puzzle awaits you on the tour. Select the shape of a semicircle for your subject and position it so that the flashlight reflects on the panel on the right. Take the elevator upstairs.

A difficult battle awaits you. Take down the thugs first. If you run out of energy for your abilities, use objects that are scattered in large quantities around the arena. In the next room, first of all, deal with the snipers. Then get out of the building.

We will see Peter Parker himself only at the very beginning of the game, as well as on holograms

Chapter 16. “Battle of Harlem”

Clear the territory from enemies. Beware of the fighters with rocket launchers – it’s best to get rid of them first. When finished, you will face the final boss – Craftsman.

She has a lot of different attacks that you could already see from ordinary opponents. Rely on dodges – if you can do everything flawlessly, time will slow down slightly, and you can make a bi-dash. If you dodge a sword strike, you have a few seconds to complete your combo. During the second phase, Fina will start firing missiles and placing laser turrets that can be grabbed and thrown at her. You need to dodge the rest of the attacks – they cause huge damage. In the third phase, saws will fly at you, just like during a chase. As at the very beginning of the battle, wait for attacks with a sword, dodge and hit. At the end of the battle, you will find a simple QTE.


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