Cheats for GTA Vice City (GTA Vice City)

GTA: Vice City cheats that grant weapons, vehicles, time boost, full health, and more

How to enter codes in GTA: Vice City

The codes for GTA Vice City must be entered directly during the game. You don’t need to open the console or press any additional buttons. Just type your chosen code on the keyboard. The game can be paused using the “Esc” button, and then in the menu, you can calmly type the necessary commands.

Please note : Using some codes does not affect the progress of the game by 100%, but may reduce your crime rating.

List of codes for GTA: Vice City

Basic codes

  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION –code for full armor
  • ASPIRINE– full health code
  • THUGSTOOLS– code for a gangster weapon (sadistic killer)
  • PROFESSIONALTOOLS– professional weapon code
  • NUTTERTOOLS– code for the best weapon (for a psycho)
  • Leavemealone– Police Code (removes all WANTED stars)
  • YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE– code for +2 wanted level
  • BIGBANG– code blowing up nearby cars
  • Fightfightfight– the code activates the mode in which the inhabitants of the city attack each other
  • Onspeed– code increases Tommy’s walking speed
  • Booooooring– code reduces Tommy’s walking speed
  • Fannymagnet– Women Love Tommy
  • Travelinstyle– reduces vehicle weight
  • Wheelsareallineed– leave only wheels from cars
  • Icanttakeitanymore– kill the main character
  • Nobodylikesme– people on the street fall from aftershocks
  • Ourgodgivenrighttobeararms– people on the street get guns
  • Greenlight– all traffic lights are green
  • Miamitraffic– speeds up city traffic
  • Certaindeath– Add Tommy’s Cigarette
  • СhickSwithguns– add weapons only to women
  • Hopinggerl– turn the Vercetti gang into girls

Weather and time codes

Cheat codes for GTA Vice City

  • Apleasantday– turn on clear weather
  • Alovelyday– turn on romantic weather
  • Abitdrieg– enable cloudy weather
  • Catsanddogs– enable rainy weather
  • Cantseeathing– turn on fog
  • Lifeispassingmeby– speed up the passage of time in the game

Cheats for cars and tank

Cheat codes for GTA Vice City

  • Panzer– code to add a tank
  • Thelastride– code to add a hearse
  • Rockandrollcar– code to add a limousine
  • Rubbishcar– code to add garbage truck
  • Gettherefash– code to add a Saber Turbo car
  • Gettherequickly– code to add an old racing car
  • Getthereveryfastindeed– code to add a modern racing car
  • Getthereamazinglyfast– code to add a rally car
  • Betterthanwalking– code to add a golf cart

Transport control codes

  • Gripiseverything– code that improves machine handling
  • Seaways– cars can drive on water
  • Airship– boats can fly
  • Comeflywithme– cars can fly
  • Loadsofittlethings– increases the tires of some cars
  • Ahairdreeserscar– Repaint all cars pink
  • Iwantitpaintedblack– Repaint all cars black

Skin codes

Codes for GTA Vice City

  • Stilllikedressingup– put a random character skin
  • Looklikelance– put Lance skin
  • Mysonisalawyer– put a lawyer skin
  • Ilooklikehilary– put Hilary skin
  • Rockandrollman– put a Rock and Roll skin
  • Onearmedbandit– put the “One-armed bandit” skin
  • Idonthavethemoneysonny– put a mafia skin
  • Foxylittlething– put mafia daughter skin
  • Weloveourdick– put the ” Scot ” skin
  • Deepfriedmarsbars– Make Character Fat
  • Programmer– make the character thin

Easter eggs:

  • Near the biker club, between the film studio and the island, a drowned man with concrete legs a la Cosa Nostra floats in the water.
  • On Starfich Island, one of the mansions has a pool without water. There is a ball in it that you can play – just come close to it.
  • Opposite the biker club (Downtown) there is a shop for bikers, and in the window there is a cool motorcycle – break the glass and ride it to your health.
  • Hover in a helicopter over the golf course, from 11 am to midnight, now look towards the 1st city, at the building and see …

Chip with cars:

On one of the islands, there is a huge garage for 3-4 cars, and you can only put in 2 cars. There is a way out of this situation!

You need to do this:

We go into the garage, sit in any car and leave it halfway out into the street, I repeat HALF again into the street, half of it should remain in the garage.

Now the garage door will move convulsively, trying to close (BUT WILL NOT CLOSE!) Then we sit in the 3 wheelbarrow, and drive it into the garage, then we drive back into the garage, that wheelbarrow that is half on the street.

You now have three cars in your garage.

More secrets

  • ASPIRINE– use this code to extinguish the car
  • NUTTERTOOLS– code for infinite ammo. Introduce until the minigun has 10,000 rounds. Then endless ammo will appear in all types of weapons.
  • At Hyman Memorial Stadium, you can complete all sorts of tasks (which one, you can see on the poster above the entrance). The gate is open for you from 20:00 to 00:00. A good way to make money.
  • In the North Point Mall, there is a cool car in the window. Get in, get out and ride. There you can also replenish your health in stalls by paying a little.
  • After completing the game in your Ocean View hotel (exactly the one where you lived at the very beginning of the game). There appear statuettes, posters, magazines, bags of money, barrels of alcohol … (and there is also a broken statuette, look what it has inside, and you will understand why you need to collect them …)


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