Spicy shrimps

Spicy shrimps. Shrimp in their different species are relatively abundant creatures in fresh or salt water bodies worldwide, making them an important food and fishing resource.

Practically every country has recipes and particular ways to prepare and consume these crustaceans. If there is any point in common, it is that to consume them, it is cooked and that it is common to remove the head, the body armor, the front and rear fins, all parts rich in chitin and therefore indigestible .

It is also common for it to be gutted before consuming it, since in this group of species the intestines are easily recognizable, even before cooking, as a dark line that runs longitudinally through the upper part of the body and tail.


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  • shrimp580 g
  • Creole sauce215 g
  • Vegetable oil145 ml
  • Pepperor chili sauce 2 g
  • Bread crumbs 30 g
  • Rum(optional) 30 ml


  • Clean the shrimpif they are used raw, or failing that, cook them in boiling water with peppercorns , bay leaves and vinegar , cool in ice water to clean them. Drain, season with salt and pepper , sauté in hot fat. Pour over the shrimp , the creole sauce and the hot sauce; bond well. Cook until tender, raw, and boiled for 3 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and place in the oven and gratin.
  • It is customary to flame the shrimpbefore adding the Creole sauce , however, there are those who prefer the flavor of shrimp itself , without another ingredient that detracts from its characteristic flavor.
  • Ingredients for 5 people.


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