Canapés (gastronomy)

Canapés (gastronomy) small and generally decorated appetizers that are picked up with the fingers and often eaten in one bite. They are traditional delicacies from parties and celebrations where they are served standing before the main meal. They are seen a lot at the buffets .


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  • 1 Story
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  • 3 Origin of the Word
  • 4 Today’s trends
  • 5 Characteristics of Canapes
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  • 7 Canapés Recipes
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It is assured that it was King Alfonso X the Wise who gave rise to the so-called canapés or sandwiches since it was he who arranged that in the Castilian inns wine was not served if it was not accompanied.

of some food preventing the wine from rising quickly to the head. In those days the sandwiches or canapés consisted of a slice of ham or sliced chorizo or other sausage, and sometimes it was replaced by a wedge of cheese .

At first these were known as “tapas” as the story goes that one day King Alfonso XIII was making an official visit to the province of Cádiz and when he passed through Ventorrillo del Chato (a sale that still exists today) he stopped to rest for a while. The King asked for a glass of Sherry , but at that moment a draft flow entered the Venta and, so that the wine did not fill with sand from the beach, the waiter had the happy idea of ​​placing a slice of ham in the royal catavinos .

The King asked why they put that slice of ham on the glass, and the waiter apologetically told him that he put the “lid” on it to prevent the wine from being spoiled by the sand. The King liked the idea, ate the lid, drank the wine and asked to have another served, but with “another lid just the same.” Seeing this, all the members of the Court who accompanied him asked the same.

Her rules

A classic of cold cuisine is the preparation of sandwiches and canapés. Traditional, classic or contemporary canapés or sandwiches have rules that must be defined to be used as snacks for meetings, cocktails or just as a snack that entertains diners.

Origin of the word

Classically the word canapé has its origin in a French word, which means something similar to that of a bed or sofa , which is why any mini-dish presentation that has a base is called canapé, in this typical sense the bread itself It can be white, rye, black, whole grain, multigrain or any one you prefer, although sometimes you can also have prepared dough bases such as puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, phyllo pasta, tartlet dough and choux pastry, among others. .

Today’s trends

Currently they are occurring, they have favored that the bases of bread or pasta dough are replaced by fruits, vegetables or even gelatinous or liquid textures, but always taking into consideration that the temperature of the canapés must be cold or weather.

As a general rule, the portion of a canapé should not be greater than that of a bite, that is, it should not take more than one bite to taste.

What is important in any case is that these dishes must be in a presentation and in a size followed by protocol and service rules for easy tasting. Many times utensils or some type of crockery are used to present said dish in order to highlight it, it is recommended that it is not too coarse and that it does not take more than two or three bites.


Canapés Characteristics

The canapés consist of cookies, toasts or small slices of bread, usually puff pastry called Volován or biscuit called Tartaleta in various forms that serve as a support for other tasty foods such as meat , cheese , fish , caviar , pate , purees , polenta, or seasonings.

Traditionally, canapés are made from sliced ​​bread , removing the crust and cutting its interior into various shapes with a cutter or knife. Shapes can include circles, rings, squares, strips, or triangles. These pieces of bread are then prepared with one of the following techniques:

  • Fry in oil and dry on absorbent paper
  • Spread them in butter or other fat
  • Toast them.

Foods are sometimes highly processed prior to placement and applied with a pastry bag. So, decorative ornaments are applied. Canapes are served on assorted trays that are offered by waiters or placed on the tables.



The ingredients with which the canapés are made vary markedly according to the region, the area in which they are to be tasted (family, social, institutional) and even personal taste. Mention may be made, however, some very common ingredients such as cheddar cheese , blue cheese , Gouda cheese , tomatoes (common or variety cherry , vegetables , precooked (such as onions, celery and leek , dressings (mayonnaise, salsa golf , etc), capers and olives .

Canapes recipes

Seafood Butter Canape Recipe

Butter and Prawn Canapes

  • First we sauté the shrimp in shell in a little oil and flambé them.
  • We reserve 10 prawns to decorate.
  • Peel the prawns and crush them together with the butter at room temperature with a little salt.
  • We pass the ingredients through the Chinese and if we want it softer, we put a little more butter.
  • We will toast some slices of sliced ​​bread without crust and we will grease them with this cream.
  • Finally, decorate with the reserved prawnsand a little dill.

Ingredients to make the Seafood Butter Canape Recipe

  • 70 g prawns
  • 150 g of butter
  • dill
  • bread

Canapes of Sobrasada and Egg Recipe

Canapes of sobrasada and egg

  • First, we will take a loaf of bread, better if it is from previous days, we will cut it into slices of just under a centimeter and we will put them on a baking tray.
  • We will toast them well, turning them so that they are golden brown on both sides and we will reserve until they cool. These toasts can be stored in a lunch box, once cold, for next occasions.
  • We will take a dozen of these toasts and spread them lightly with very little butter. On it, we will spread the sobrasada with care so that the toasts do not break.
  • In a pan with very hot oil, fry the quail eggs one by one.
  • To break them it is better to do it with the tip of a knife and very carefully. We will fry the eggs and we will arrange them on the sobrasada that will melt a little with the heat of the freshly fried egg.
  • Finally, we will place the canapes on a platter and sprinkle with a little chopped chives.

Ingredients to prepare the Recipe for Canapes of Sobrasada and Egg

  • 12 quaileggs
  • 1 loaf of bread
  • Butter
  • sobrasada
  • chopped chives

Salmon Canapes with Avocado Cream Recipe

Salmon canapes with avocado cream

  • First, scoop out the avocado pulp and mix it with a little mayonnaise and ground pepper. Beat the ingredients so that you have a uniform cream.
  • On the toasts we put a lettuce leaf and a little of this cream and place them on a serving platter.
  • Cut the salmon slices into strips and put them on the cream of the canape.

Ingredients to prepare the Recipe for Salmon Canapes with Avocado Cream

  • Thin toast
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • Pepper
  • 4 slices of smoked salmon
  • tender leaves of various lettuces.

The Cocktails

  • These are divided into three sections and two categories

This menu is an example, we can vary the canapés to the client’s taste

Cocktails. “Type A”

This menu is an example, we can vary the canapés to the client’s taste


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