Spanish Empire

he Spanish Empire or Hispanic Monarchy took place between the 16th and 19th centuries and is called the set of Spanish territories that were ruled by Hispanic dynasties.

After the discovery of America in the year 1,492, Spain began your exploration in this continent and conquered many territories, passing through North America, Central America and South America, conquering 20 million square kilometers.

The Spanish empire collapsed after facing great wars and facing large expenses in its financing, with large indebtedness and without forces, Spain lost its conquests in America and Asia.

The journey began when on August 2 of the year 1,492, Christopher Columbus left in search of the new continent that would be called America, however, the initial objective was to trace a new commercial route with Asia, it was Américo Vespucio who told Christopher Columbus that The place where he arrived was America and not Asia.

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Organization of the Spanish Empire

Metropolitan Government Institutions:

  1. Council of the Indies

Government Institutions in Indias:

  1. Viceroys-Viceroyalty
    2. Hearings
    3. Cabildos

Economy of the Spanish Empire

In the Spanish empire, three work systems were managed: free labor, forced labor and slave labor.

During the conquests, they collected precious metals from the places where they arrived through looting or bartering; hence the importance of gold for the Spanish.

The exploitation system was the estates; Spaniards find in America corn, potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, cocoa, beans, etc., which become export crops.

Population During the Spanish Empire

Spanish: they were the subjects of European origin who were born in America

Indigenous: they were taken as slaves, in the first years of conquest the Indians of the Caribbean islands were captured and sold as slaves in Spain.

Mestizos: miscegenation was carried out mostly by Spanish men in marriages with indigenous people.

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