Aztec civilization

The Aztec civilization was a very advanced civilization, they built sophisticated cities, it was made up of about 15 million people divided into about 500 communities.

This civilization was formed between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, from this empire was what is known today as Mexico.

The Aztec empire, as it is also known, extended throughout much of Mesoamerica, bordering on the Maya in the north and with the Purepechas in the south.

The spoken language was Nahuatl, it is considered the true Mexican language, in fact, in some regions it is still spoken.

Aztec Society

This civilization was divided into 4 classes:

  1. Emperor:located at the top of civilization, he was the political and military chief, he had a counterpart who was the religious chief, the two were elected by a council of elders.
  2. Nobles:the highest group in society, they were gentlemen who could have land, did not pay taxes and could have several women.
  3. Commoners: itwas conformed by most of the Aztecs, they were mainly engaged in agriculture, they had to pay taxes and they did not own much land, they lived in small houses and men had to serve the army.
  4. Servants:they dedicated themselves to work the land for the nobles.
  5. Slaves:considered the indebted that could not pay their debts or those that had been captured.

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Economy of the Aztec Civilization

Its economic system was based mainly on bartering because it was considered a pre-capitalist society.

Purchases were made with cocoa beans, for example, a hare was exchanged for 30 grains, a cloth for at least 65 grains or an egg for 3 grains.

Agriculture was also fundamental in the Aztec economy, corn was its main crop, cotton, cocoa, avocado, chili, among others, were also grown.

The Aztecs had a very sophisticated irrigation system that allowed them to grow in shallow lakes. Its economy was also based on other activities such as fishing and hunting.

Aztec Religion and Culture

Music, science, crafts and art were very important in Aztec culture, especially music as it was used in religious rituals.

The Aztecs worshiped many gods that represented different aspects of life, in these rites they made human sacrifices, prisoners of war or children.

The sacrifices were very common during agricultural ceremonies, they believed that they ensured a good harvest and that they believed that human blood and the hearts of the sacrificed gave the gods strength or calm when they were angry.

Some of the most representative gods of the Aztec Civilization were:

  1. Quetzalcoatl the god of wisdom.
    2. Huitzilopochtli god of the sun.
    3. Tláloc, the god of rain and war.
    4. Xochiquetzal, goddess of love.

The dress was also a representation of the culture, women wore dresses that were decorated with precious metals, especially gold and flowers.

The paintings of the Aztecs were of an abstract style, representing their religious rites and various aspects of their daily lives.

Toltec art was reflected in the construction of its temples and buildings, also in weapons and ceramics.

In the musical theme, it is known that the instruments they used were seashells, bone or wood flutes and drums made with hollow logs

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