Celtic civilization

The Celtic civilization was a group of tribes that lived between the eighth and first centuries BC in Central and Western Europe, were characterized as warrior tribes, had remarkable skills as riders, among tribes they shared artistic and religious customs.

However, the Celts did not leave writings about their history because they were illiterate, the history that is known is extracted from the writings of the Romans, as the Celtic tribes attacked Italy and the Balkans and sacked Rome in 390 BC

The Celts were considered dangerous enemies, but the Greeks and Romans considered that they lack discipline, which made them vulnerable. The Celts were fierce tribes, they kept the heads of their enemies to show them to visitors.

Celtic Peoples

  1. Celtíberos
    2. Gauls
    3. Helvecios
    4. Britanos

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Celtic Culture

Within the culture two periods are distinguished, the Hallstatt and La Tène. Hallstatt culture was characterized by being good riders and working iron, they were located in Austria and central Europe.

On the other hand, La Tène is the culture where the artistic style known as Celtic originated, the Celts who crossed the Alps to attack Italy belonged to this culture.


Language is the main characteristic of Celtic civilization, because it is language that really unites them as civilization, Celtic languages ​​are derived from the proteolytic language, the main Celtic languages ​​are:

  1. The cornic
    2. The Scottish Gaelic
    3. The Welsh
    4. The Breton
    5. The Irish
    6. The Manx

However, the Celts could never conform as a political unit, since each tribe had its leader and its internal organization, in addition to its warrior character that characterized them, they had continuous confrontations.

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The Celts bleached their hair with lime, wore jewelry and a very colorful plaid cape, wore robes instead of pants, their sword was iron and long, they wore a large leather shield and a spear.

Celtic religion

Although there is not very precise information about the religion of this civilization, it is known that priests, druids, performed the cults, related to water, mountains, forests and great deities.

Most Important Festivities of Celtic Civilization

  1. Imbolc: itwas celebrated in February and commemorated the arrival of spring.

    2. Beltane: it
    was a festival of fire that purifies people and animals, it was considered the most sacred feast of the Celts.

    3. Lughnasadh:
     celebrated in honor of the crops, it was held in the months of July or August.

    4. Samhain: it
     is the New Celtic Year, it was held in October or November, the cycle of life was celebrated.
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