What Is Spam:Is Spamming A Practice?

Spam is a term of English origin whose meaning designates an electronic messagereceived but not requested by the user.The content of a spam is usually an advertising message that is intended to spread the services or products of a company to a large mass of e-mail users.

Spamming is the practice of mass spam sending and spammer is the designation given to its author. The main characteristics of spamming are sending the message to thousands of people at the same time and the absence of the recipient’s authorization to use their e-mail address.

In addition to everyday messaging for business purposes, there are several other types of spam that invade users’ message boxes. For example, those malicious messages that try to induce the user to enter their personal data or your bank account or to run some program that contains viruses.

Other types of spam, such as rumors or chains, that encourage or force a user to forward to his or her contacts usually have the goal of expanding the spammer’s email database . In many cases, users are not careful to hide email addresses when they forward this message type.

Originally, the word spam was a word used to designate a food product , usually canned pork. The term spam was used to designate an email or unsolicited message thanks to the humorous sketch of the British group Monty Python , in which the word spam is repeated exhaustively.


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