What Is FF on Twitter:

FF on Twitter is the acronym for Follow Friday , which means ” Follow Friday “. FF on Twitter, which is a microblog, is used as a recommendation, people give tips from others to follow another profile on twitter that is very interesting, and worthwhile.Generally, the FF in twitter is accompanied by the symbol # (called hashtag in English and “old game” in Portuguese) and this means that it is a topic of conversation, and ends up going to the list of the most used words, such as #followfriday , #FF, and so on.

When users make FF on twitter is for their followers and followers friends to know another profile, another person. Typically, those who do the FF on Twitter are famous people or known in social networks, because they understand and know many people who might be interesting to others.

When doing FF on twitter, users put something like: #FF @XX, @YY, always accompanied by @, which means the profile of the person.

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