What is Kinect:( Xbox 360,Xbox One consoles)

Kinect is a motion sensor developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles , both from Microsoft.This device allows players to have a different gameplay experience than traditional, due to the fact that they do not use controls or joysticks to play.Kinect technology allows players to interact freely with video game games without having to have control at hand, ie only through their own body movements. This device was considered an innovation, mainly by the technologies already used by the competitors, like Nintendo Wii.

The Kinect works through two cameras, one that recognizes the face of the person and another infrared, which is able to recognize the movement and depths. This latest camera divides the human body into 48 points, which are identified in real time through sensors.The device is even equipped with a micro-vector microphone, capable of capturing and isolating the speech of the players of the ambient sound, in addition to being able to capture voice commands.

Kinect comprises languages, signals and movements, and makes players play and play, without having to hold anything for the game to make the same moves.Originally, Kinect was known as “Project Natal” , a direct reference to the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. The responsible for this temporary baptism was the Brazilian Alex Kipman, who was in the team of researchers of the technology that gave rise to Kinect.

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