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Sonic Forces does not mean the resurgence of Sega’s hedgehog, but it is an important, hopeful step that could have continuity in the future if mistakes are mitigated. In any case, it is an enjoyable adventure, and it is something. Here is your analysis.

The secret of Sonic video games is in the flow . It was the particular bet of this license since 1991: speed. Precisely, the problem that the Sonic Team has repeatedly had to face has been the control of that speed. In 2D environments they knew how to cope well, but the arrival of 3D was a headache. Sonic Forces reminds us, fights against it, with a result that is even better than expected.


On many occasions I have fallen into the void or my rings have been removed without feeling it was my fault. The clumsy handling of Sonic and his allies is the biggest drawback that can be put to the video game. However, when it works, it recalls the best moments of the hedgehog , both in 2D and 3D, from his first appearances in Megadrive to the Dreamcast Sonic Adventure (considered as a three-dimensional peak).


Sonic Forces vibrates at times, with exceptional and even ingenious situations. When our character goes at full speed taking enemies ahead, you fall right where you want and the music makes your hair like spikes, then the mechanisms resonate. That’s Sonic . Not all the time, but long enough to give fans something that many have already lost: hope.


Sonic Forces: Launch Trailer


Intertwined Sonic SensationsTo understand well what we are facing, it is good to pull the library. Sonic Colors (2010) and Sonic Generations (2011) are the greatest inspirations for this title, which is committed to a remix of experiences based on the past, although without neglecting the news. Basically, the game contains a total of 30 levels divided into three types of platform experiences that have the Sonic brand, which alternate throughout the plot.

In the exclusively 2D phases we control a classic Sonic that is very reminiscent of Generations, including the control. Very simple, running and jumping, but very charming.

The most important are those that make the protagonists run in 3D , with the camera on their back. They are the most rebellious in terms of control, with problematic situations that lead to some frustrations, due to a questionable level design. And although it seems paradoxical, the game in the end knows how to appreciate the time invested. If you manage to overcome the obstacle and enter the dynamics, it becomes even fun, inviting you to do the best times (there are online markers).


As in Colors and Generations, these levels alternate third-person and lateral perspective, adding dynamism to a formula that does not undergo major changes. Thrusters, loops, rails … Classicism reigns. What changes the tonic a bit is the great innovation of Sonic Forces: our avatar . The levels that we play with our own character – designed by ourselves – change in the way we overcome them. The reason is that we can equip weapons to advance in different ways through the level, either by propelling ourselves along ring roads or flying by jet.

It is one of the most colorful Sonic gamesThe third experience is the most classic, with phases in the purest 1990s Sonic 2D style , recovering -among others- the mythical Green Hill. Eggman returns in the odd confrontation, something that of course he also does in the 3D plane, along with new villains that add to the formula. The plot is not unlike that seen in other installments, and perfectly serves its function: to serve as a link between levels. That makes it great, with fairly frequent in-game dialogs and in multiple languages ​​(including Spanish, English, or Japanese).

The phases corresponding to our avatar allow the use of weapons and special abilities. Taking advantage of them can affect the discovery of new routes to break times and scores.

But to give you a clearer idea, Sonic Forces is a veritable hodgepodge of proposals, with phases in 3D, 2.5D and 2D through which classic Sonic, modern Sonic and a vast repertoire of characters from the license are parading. Like icing, yourself, in the skin of an avatar that could be interpreted as the representation of the fan. And, after all, the title is a metaphor for the current image of the hedgehog, in which his followers are his most faithful supporters.


A video game with many ups and downs is dedicated to them , but at least the effort put into it is noticeable. The control is very improvable. The bosses are interesting but lack variety. There are tremendous levels and then others less inspired. The number of levels is respectable, but the duration is rather short, because in 4 or 5 hours you have overcome them.


However, there is something very important in Sonic Forces, and that is that once I saw the credits, I felt like going back, to repeat levels. That’s when you notice the magic of making perfect games, dealing with control problems, but getting ahead and enjoying it, which is what counts. For that type of user, the game is especially satisfying, as completing the levels with the “S” and unlocking the rewards / challenges easily leads to doubling or tripling the duration. The replayability is powerful.

The game becomes a metaphor for the current image of the hedgehogI would even say that the audiovisual section is “replayable”. Everything happens so fast before your eyes, that you need to revisit levels to notice the details. There are graphic moments that it is a shame that they pass so quickly because of how beautiful they are. Scenes in a sunset with explosions in the background, outer space with dozens of ships swarming … The best thing is that everything is quite careful, resulting in one of the most colorful Sonic games.

Performance is lower on Nintendo Switch, with lower level of detail in the levels and a rate that only reaches 30 frames per second. For their part, PS4 and Xbox One perform at a better level (60fps), especially in the case of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, through graphical improvements (although slight).

He is also one of the most exciting musically. With Tomoya Ohtani at the helm, we obtain a repertoire that combines orchestrated music with sung themes . Some merge in such a way with the levels, and there are such good changes of pace, that they manage to enhance the playable aspect, or at least get you more into the action. Actually, there is a lot of talent in this production, although it has not been known to print a constant speed.


While playing, I felt on the one hand pity for a title of great proposals that could have given more of itself, and on the other the hopeful feeling that Sonic Forces really does not need that much to climb higher. He has grit, strength and speed. But it is already known that uncontrolled speed is useless …



Sonic forces





Sonic Forces is a video game made with passion, that has a lot of grit and does not lack speed. However, speed without control is useless. The developers carry problems from previous installments, with design errors that have as their epicenter the handling of Sonic and his companions. Apart from that, and the game is a bit short, we have a very varied platform adventure, with good graphics and a powerful soundtrack especially suitable for the most staunch fans of the Sega hedgehog.

  • Very varied, with a remix of 2D and 3D proposals
  • Visually outstanding, with some very inspired levels
  • Good soundtrack, especially the songs sung
  • High replayability, with challenges, collectibles and online leaderboards
  • Poor control, especially in 3D gameplay
  • Ups and downs in playable flow and level design
  • Short campaign duration


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