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Sonic, SEGA’s most famous hedgehog, decided to make the leap to the big screen in 2020 with very good reception from the public and critics. Now, 2 years later, Sonic 2: The Movie arrives with more doses of nostalgia than ever, delighting all those fans of video games. An entertaining and fun work that has not only met expectations, but has managed to exceed what was proposed in the first installment.

Video game adaptations to movies are not always well received by the public. The jump to the big screen can distort the essence of the product, causing fans of the original titles to be dissatisfied with the result. Therefore, when it was announced that a Sonic movie was coming, it was not surprising that those who had grown up with the adventures of the famous blue hedgehog were reluctant, even more so when the initial design of Sonic unleashed a barrage of criticism and attacks. .


Not in vain, Sonic is one of the benchmarks of the nineties in terms of video games, livening up the homes of almost any player of the time since its first installment was launched on Mega Drive in 1991. More than 20 years later and with practically a hundred games on the market, expectations were very high. However, with the design issue ironed out by Paramount and SEGA deigning to pick up on the popular complaint and giving Sonic a much more faithful look, the runner’s cinematic adventures were a complete success.

And so, we come to Sonic 2: The Movie with Jeff Fowler again at the controls as director and a magnificent cast of actors, among which Jim Carrey stands out as the soul of the film thanks to his portrayal of the villainous Eggman, a role that he still manages to explore. more and that, to be honest, it fits like a glove. The plot takes place two years after the events already seen with a Sonic who has adapted to his new life and family, but who is eager to have adventures. These adventures return as soon as his archenemy does, who is also not alone and has the help of Knuckles , an iconic character where they exist.

At this point, the rest of what is to come is pure enjoyment and excessive action with a clear objective of surpassing the first installment in absolutely all aspects. More is not always better, but in this case it works. Throughout 2 hours of duration, we are going to find all kinds of situations around the hedgehog and the new characters who go through trips around the world, dance duels or even a wedding. We will also find a somewhat more illuminating journey through Sonic’s past, a plot that goes beyond a simple rivalry and delves more emotionally into the psyche of the protagonist.

In all this maelstrom, it is worth noting the magnificent implementation of the new members, both to the plot and to the context in which they are located, notably improving the charisma of the film. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Sonic-Tails duo works perfectly or that there is more room to develop the personality of each one of them, since it has been preferred to give almost all the prominence to the iconic beings that we already know from games like Sonic 2, Sonic 3 or Sonic Mania. Each one of them fulfills a very specific function falling into the typical archetypes of companion or rival, but with an overflowing charisma.

And speaking of these games, the film collects all its essence, not only in the plot, but also in the many details that indicate that there is a deep effort to capture all the possible identity of the saga. Fans will be surprised to recognize musical themes, objects such as gems, Eggman’s robots or iconic locations such as temples and labyrinths, all ready to give a hit in full nostalgia. In the same way, the film manages to reach the viewer through its carefree tone, being the humor beinga very used resource, but that blends very well with the action. However, it must be said that if you are scared, you also know, since the first appearance of Knuckles is simply tremendous. This is also the case thanks to the soundtrack that Tom Holkenborg has composed, which, more than standing out for a specific theme, does so by knowing how and when to appear. What we are going to find is a large number of current well-known songs that liven up and bring freshness to the scenes.

On the other hand, I find few “buts” in this film, but the truth is that there are some. The pace of the film is frantic from almost the first moment, with very few pauses, however, it also bothers to emphasize subplots related to human characters, which, without a doubt, has been what has convinced me the least. If in the first installment the roles of James Marsden or Tika Sumpter were necessary to establish a link with Sonic, now they break with the plot rhythm and lengthen the plot in an attempt not to be forgotten, as well as the presence of some secondary that we can say which was set to fill. The presence of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman overshadows everything else being a break when they are not on screen.

Beyond that, Sonic 2: The Movie meets expectations , being a very good adaptation that leaves us with a few surprises along the way. Suitable for both video game lovers and those who are simply looking for a fun family movie. What is clear is that the film takes care of the details knowing how to capture what the public demanded by being more exaggerated, more frenetic and yes, more faithful to video games than the initial idea that we had seen. Nothing seems to indicate that Sonic can be stopped understanding that we are going to have more footage in the future and leaving the viewer wanting to explore much more. Of course, do not miss the post-credits scene.

A worthy and faithful sequel”

Sonic: The Movie 2

Sonic 2: The Movie is a worthy sequel that does not hesitate to collect the purest essence of the most iconic video games in the saga and stands out for the amount of detail designed for players. An action-packed and humorous adventure suitable for all audiences that leaves the cinema with enough energy to run through Green Hills.

5 things you should know:

  • It surpasses the first installment in all aspects.
  • The new characters are the soul of the film.
  • Jim Carrey outdoes himself as the notorious villain Eggman.
  • Video game fans will be pleased with the number of references we find.
  • Humor permeates the film at almost every moment.


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