Why Soap Can Kill Viruses?

This article will discuss the ability of effective soaps in killing viruses. Want to know why it can be so effective in killing viruses? Check out the explanation in the following article.

When, the COVID-19 pandemic, have you ever asked me in your mind like this?

“You were told to wash your hands with soap, why is it a rare hand sanitizer ?”

Okay, if there has ever been a question like that, then the answer is that hand sanitizer is very easy to use in various situations and doesn’t bother like soap that needs water. Given the busy lives of people, it is possible to need hand sanitizer quickly and safely, plus not using long.

But sure it’s clean quickly and safely? You first try to read articles about soap and hand sanitizer that have been published on this blog.

We continue. Well, surely you have heard information that one of the effective ways to prevent viruses, in this case including COVID-19 right, that’s with soap right? Why is soap really effective at killing viruses? What’s in it? How does it work? Then, what kind of soap is effective for killing germs? Let’s peel one by one together.

But, first you have to know the structure of the virus itself. The virus essentially consists of genetic material (DNA or RNA), protein and, and lipids (fat). Do you know the basic ingredients of fat? That’s right, oil. Well, if you only get hit with water, this oil will not disappear. Boro-boro is gone, just oil and water don’t want to blend. Therefore, to remove the fat that is the structure of the virus, we need a composition that is owned by the soap.

You know, friends, so soap has a lot of composition. It can smell good because there is perfume, it can be liquid or solid, because there is glycerin. Well, it can kill germs because there are surfactants. It is this surfactant that makes soap have a cleaning ability. The sign is with the foam so deh. Various types of surfactants are sodium lauryl sulphate , sodium palmate , and others.

Well, soap can’t work at home like people in the COVID-19 pandemic. The soap can work when there is water as a trigger to activate the surfactant earlier. When surfactants meet with lipids based on fat, the lipids will be damaged and the genetic structure of the virus will fall apart. After the structure is destroyed, then only water is the task to bring it down from the hands.

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As simple as that and as easy as that indeed. Eits, but remember. Soap also has an effective working time to kill the virus. Make it a habit to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. If less than 20 seconds, the fear of the structure of the virus (in this case fat) has not been completely damaged. Therefore, if you wash your hands with soap, don’t rush it. Clean up between your fingers and nail tips you also have to clean.

You also should not choose soap. All types of soap can be used to destroy viruses, bacteria, or even germs. Want to use bar soap or liquid soap, all of which can produce foam due to surfactants. Then, this surfactant can destroy the structure of this virus. Already, from now on use soap that’s just at home. No need to be afraid if there are soap bars, just use the ones first.


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